5 benefits of the Sonicare Toothbrush

Author: Espire Dental Posted: March 20th, 2023 Category:

It has a two minute timer; most people brush their teeth less than 30 seconds.  This will help to ensure that you are brushing long enough to maintain good oral health, remove all tarter buildup and plaque.  Sonicare Toothbrush sonic technology is patented which sets them apart from other “sonic” electric toothbrushes.  It removes up to 4 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush!  There are 31,000 brush strokes per minute.  We love how the Sonicare prevents stain on teeth!  When using a Sonicare consistently, it improves the health of your gums which reduces inflammation.  There are kid’s Sonicare toothbrushes as well! A child’s homecare isn’t always the most effective so it’s great to avoid cavities by starting with a Sonicare early (after they master brushing with a regular toothbrush of course). 

5 benefits of the Sonicare Toothbrush:

  1. An electronic toothbrush keeps your teeth, gums, and tongue cleaner and healthier –We’ve been taught to brush our teeth thoroughly ever since we were little. Despite our best efforts, though, we’re not brushing as thoroughly as we would like—this is due to the fact that the bristles on manual toothbrushes cannot reach to remove all of the plaque and tartar built up between your teeth.  An electric toothbrush’s rotating head features bristles which can reach further thanks to the combination of motion and equal pressure from the brush itself. Equal pressure is important—far too many manual brushers do a good job on one side of their mouth (a right handed person often brushes the left side of their mouth more thoroughly) but struggle to keep the other side of their mouth as clean
  2. An electric toothbrush makes for longer, more thorough teeth brushing -Most electronic toothbrushes are set for equal time for each quadrant which ensures a better, longer brushing and a great, clean feeling.  Kids are often one of the biggest beneficiaries of electric toothbrushes. Many kids brush but don’t get all of the food buildup between meals. Kids with braces are especially susceptible to this happening. An electric toothbrush is a good compromise since you can count on it getting all of those hard to reach places that kids miss with manual brushing.
  3. An electric toothbrush does the work for you – Old habits die hard. Although we mean well our manual brushing can often be too hard for our gums and our own good. An electric toothbrush not only times your brush (as stated above) but takes the guesswork out of teeth brushing too.
  4. An electric toothbrush is a great way to fight gingivitis and gum disease – An electric toothbrush is an excellent tool in the fight against gingivitis and gum disease in your mouth. How? An electric toothbrush can find those hard to reach places that you miss with a manual toothbrush. You’re not just brushing longer and better but you’re brushing smarter, too.
  5. Using an electric toothbrush can help you get rid of bad breath – Bad breath is a symptom of food and plaque which have become lodged in the nooks and crannies between your teeth and along your gums. An electric toothbrush and regular flossing can work together to get rid of bad breath by finding and eliminating the food between your teeth.

Please ask one of our highly valued hygienists at your next visit to learn more about the benefits of the Sonicare Toothbrush system.  You can contact our office as well to discuss the benefits of a Sonicare Toothbrush with one our highly knowledgeable staff members.