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Category: Dental Hygiene

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How Often Should You Switch Your Toothbrush?

Replacing your toothbrush every three to four months is an important step in your dental hygiene routine that’s often overlooked.  The basics of dental hygiene are pretty easy to remember. Most of us know that we should brush our teeth twice a day, floss once daily, and visit the dentist at least twice a year.
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Do I Need to Use Mouthwash?

For the average person, mouthwash is not really necessary — although it can be an effective way to freshen up your breath.  Mouthwash is a great way to keep your breath fresh, and to rinse food particles out of your mouth after meals. But how necessary is it for your dental hygiene? There’s much debate
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How Diet Impacts Your Dental Health

Some foods can help improve your dental health, while others contribute to tooth decay. Learn more about how your diet impacts your teeth.  From a young age, we’re taught that candy, soda, and other sugary foods can cause cavities. But most people don’t know there are other foods that can negatively impact our dental health,

5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Whiter For Longer

You’ve finally had professional teeth whitening done. You love your smile and can’t believe how beautiful your teeth look. But have you noticed the effects of teeth whitening can fade over time? You’ll notice that stains can start to come back and the yellow shades you were desperate to get rid of are returning. The

5 Tips for Better Dental Hygiene

The Importance of Proper Dental Hygiene Studies prove that, whether you are on a job interview, a first date, seeing an old acquaintance or meeting a new one, your smile makes the biggest and most impactful impression. Because teeth are one of our most important physical attributes and cannot be hidden, our teeth must be