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Is A Tooth Extraction During Pregnancy Safe?

Is A Tooth Extraction During Pregnancy Safe?

Sometimes, dental procedures like getting a tooth pulled can’t wait even if you’re pregnant. But don’t worry! It can be done without harming your baby. Pregnancy is a time to focus on the well-being of yourself and the baby. You’re eating right and taking your vitamins. Yet with all the preparations and doctor visits, you
Why Do My Teeth Feel Sensitive After A Dental Cleaning?

Why Do My Teeth Feel Sensitive After A Dental Cleaning?

Do your teeth feel a bit sore after a dental cleaning? It’s normal! Here’s what you can do about it. Suppose you just finished your twice-yearly tooth-cleaning appointment. Great! Your teeth will be better for it. Yet after the visit, your teeth feel more sensitive and maybe even a little painful. Why is that? A
Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Can I Smoke After Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

It’s no secret that smoking is bad for you. But smoking is especially damaging after you’ve had a wisdom tooth pulled. Getting a wisdom tooth extracted may seem a bit scary. But rest assured, today’s dental techniques will make the experience as painless as possible. After a short recovery period, you’ll be back to normal
Is Tooth Drilling Necessary In Dental Treatment?

Is Tooth Drilling Necessary In Dental Treatment?

If you want to get rid of a cavity, you will need to have the tooth drilled. But you have nothing to fear! Dentists use a lot of instruments to treat tooth decay and gum disease. But perhaps the one that causes the most anxiety in patients is the dental drill. Understandably, the mere thought

Can My Dentist Treat My Sleep Apnea?

Waking up tired and irritable? It could be due to sleep apnea — and your dentist can help. Restorative sleep is essential for your well-being. Without it, you’ll wake up groggy and irritable. Yet for people with sleep apnea, enjoying forty winks every night is nearly impossible. The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates the disorder

Choosing the Right Teeth Fillers For You

If you have a diastema, or a space between your teeth, several options are available to minimize or eliminate the gap. Diastemas, or spaces between teeth, are most noticeable between the upper front teeth, though they may form anywhere in the mouth. If your teeth are too small for your jawbone, your teeth may be

Is It Safe to Get Dental X-Rays While Pregnant?

It’s a common misconception that dental x-rays are dangerous for pregnant women. The surge of pregnancy hormones actually make you more susceptible to gum disease, thus increasing the necessity of dental x-rays. If you’re pregnant, you may have heard the common misconception that getting dental x-rays while pregnant is dangerous for the fetus. However, the

Mouth Exercises to Help with TMJ Pain

TMJ pain ranges from mild to severe. Luckily, there are several easy mouth exercises you can do to manage your pain. If you hear a clicking sound or experience pain when you’re chewing and have headaches or ear, face, jaw, or neck pain, you may have a TMJ disorder. You’re not alone. Around 10 million

Which is Worse to Skip — Brushing Your Teeth or Flossing?

If you’ve ever skipped brushing or flossing your teeth, you’re not alone. You probably know that both brushing and flossing are critical to your oral health, but if you had to choose one, which is worse to skip? If you’ve ever skipped brushing or flossing your teeth, you’re not alone. Most people have had the
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How Diet Impacts Your Dental Health

Some foods can help improve your dental health, while others contribute to tooth decay. Learn more about how your diet impacts your teeth.  From a young age, we’re taught that candy, soda, and other sugary foods can cause cavities. But most people don’t know there are other foods that can negatively impact our dental health,