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Category: Health And Wellness

mother and daughter in sunglasses smiling with toothbrushes

Brushing Your Teeth in the Shower — Gross, or No Big Deal?

Is it unsanitary or just more efficient? We break down the debate about brushing your teeth while you shower. While brushing your teeth in the shower isn’t an extremely common practice, one dental health survey has found that around 4 percent of Americans maintain this habit — or between 13 and 15 million people. This
black woman with straight hair smiling with hands covering her mouth

What Causes Bad Breath?

Everyone gets bad breath from time to time, but long-lasting bad breath can indicate a serious issue. Here’s what you need to know. Morning breath, coffee breath, garlic breath — everybody suffers from bad breath from time to time. In fact, according to the Bad Breath Institute, 35 to 45 percent of people in the
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5 Easy Tips to Prevent Teeth Stains

If your teeth are looking a little dull, there are many things you can do to prevent future stains — start with these five easy tips. Everyone wants to have a bright, stain-free smile. When you have white teeth, you exude confidence from the inside-out, and your friends and you can see the benefits of
smiling woman holding up two espire branded water bottles

Is Seltzer Really Bad for Your Teeth?

Here’s what you need to know about carbonation, how it can affect your teeth, and whether or not sparkling water is actually bad for you.  We all know that staying hydrated throughout the day is key to staying healthy. Many people drink sparkling water to add a little fizzy fun to their daily water intake,
close up of female patient receiving a dental exam

Can You Really Get “Mask Mouth?”

If you’re experiencing bad breath or other dental issues, your mask isn’t to blame.  To stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, most of us are following medical advice and wearing face masks in public to protect ourselves and others. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of misinformation about the efficacy and safety of masks out there.
close up of woman smiling and flossing

Is the Waterpik Better Than Floss?

Water flossing might seem like an appealing alternative to traditional flossing, but it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for traditional dental floss.  In the past decade, water flossers have quickly become a popular component of many people’s dental hygiene routines. Water flossers like Waterpik help to remove dental plaque using pressurized water — all
middle aged woman with short blonde hair smiling

How Aging Impacts Your Oral Health

Our teeth and gums change as we age — fortunately, most harmful age-related dental conditions can be prevented with good dental care.  As we age, our bodies change in almost every way, and our teeth are no exception. The impact of aging on dental health is often overlooked, but monitoring changes to your teeth can
young child getting a dental check up with their mother

5 Common Myths About Children’s Teeth

There are plenty of misconceptions around children’s dental care — to help their children develop healthy adult teeth, parents must constantly discern fact from fiction.  As you worry about the many factors that can impact your child’s health, dental concerns can sometimes end up on the back burner. Too often, parents believe that children’s teeth
female dental professional explaining procedure to female patient

How to Recognize and Treat an Abscessed Tooth

An abscessed tooth can be painful or completely pain-free, but it always requires treatment and professional diagnosis to fully disappear.  Dental abscesses are relatively common, but they aren’t well understood. Abscesses can occur at any age, so it’s important for adults and children alike to know the symptoms of an abscessed tooth. An abscess is
male dental professional looking over dental records on screen

Autoimmune Diseases and Your Oral Health

Autoimmune diseases can impact your oral health — here are the conditions that may require extra attention to dental care.   Your immune system defends your body from harmful bacteria and viruses but in autoimmune diseases, a disruption in your immune system can cause it to attack your own tissue. Millions of Americans suffer from autoimmune