Celebrities with the Whitest Teeth

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From NewBeauty.com…

It’s the first thing people notice on your face. It has the ability to age you up to 10 years if it is not taken care of. And it shows the world that you’re happy. It’s your smile.

The brighter and whiter your smile is, the healthier and younger you look. When you think of anti-aging treatments, your first thought may not be your teeth, but perhaps it should be. “More people are becoming age-conscious and searching for means to help them look younger. What most people don’t realize is that age affects more than just skin and hair,” says Tinley Park, IL cosmetic dentist Zack Zaibak, DDS. “One aspect that reveals your true age is your smile.”

The easiest way to instantly makeover your smile, is to whiten your teeth. Look at how beautiful and effervescent Kim Kardashian looks with her pearly whites.

Scroll through this gallery of celebrities with the whitest smiles and get tips on how you too can capture a brighter smile.

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