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Benefits of Computer Guided Dental Implants

Author: mcymer Posted: March 20th, 2018 Category:
Originally developed for neurosurgery, computer guided implants have been in the dentistry community for years, working off of a very specific method to bring you the benefits we’ve outlined today. If you’re considering getting computer guided dental implants in Norman, this is what you need to know.

Precision and Accuracy

Dental implants require a perfect placement along your jaw bone for maximum effectivity, and to increase the chance of being accepted by your gums. While the acceptance rate for dental implants is around 95%, computer guided implants are able to cut-out human error and increase those odds. Being able to visualize your jaw bone and mouth structure through analytical programs allows us to come to conclusions easier.

Faster Surgery

Dental implant surgery depends on a variety of factors. From your gum health to the number of implants, the time taken quickly rises. However, with computer guided dental implants, the time for actually applying them to your mouth greatly reduces, allowing for less time spent in the chair, and less irritation to your gums.

Quicker Recovery Rate

With less irritation to your gums through precise technology, they’re not only more likely to be accepted by your gums, but also reduce your overall recovery time. Dental implants can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to fully heal without tenderness or soreness, but with computer guided dental implant technology, we’ve seen reduced average time spent in recovery. This is especially useful when receiving multiple dental implants at a time.

Are There Any Negatives About Computer Guided Implants?

For the patient, there are virtually no drawbacks to using computer guided implants. The only negative aspect comes down to the initial investment cost for the practice, which is in no way reflected on the patient or treatment.

Premium Computer Guided Dental Implants in Norman

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