Environmentally-Friendly Toothbrushes

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Are you passionate about caring for the environment? If so, you may be considering an environmentally-friendly toothbrush. Traditional toothbrushes typically use a lot of plastic, so here we’ll give examples of some toothbrushes that can help keep our planet clean, and your teeth clean too.

Toothbrush Made of Recycled Plastic

There are a number of brands that make sustainable toothbrushes from recycled materials. Preserve Toothbrushes, for example, makes theirs from yogurt containers. You can also send back in your used ones so that they can repurpose the plastic and you’ll also get one dollar per brush that’s sent back in. They do use bristles from new plastic, however.

Electric Toothbrushes

You can also opt for an eco-friendly electric toothbrush. The ISSA by FOREO is made entirely of silicone, but this only needs to be replaced once a year. It requires a one hour charge every six months so you can get 365 brushes out of one charge. The Quip electric toothbrush is another sustainable option. Quip toothbrushes come in recyclable packaging, their handle is built to last a lifetime, and the toothbrush itself only has to be recharged four times a year, which is still much less time than with a traditional electric toothbrush. environmentally friendly bamboo toothbrush

Biodegradable Toothbrushes

Brush with Bamboo is a brand that makes their toothbrush handle from wild bamboo and their bristles from 62 percent castor bean oil and only 38 percent nylon, as opposed to traditional toothbrush bristles which are made of 100 percent nylon. Their packaging is also 100 percent compostable. Another biodegradable toothbrush brand is called Radius. They make their fun-looking toothbrushes from plastic generated from wood (also called cellulose), while their bristles are made from a vegetable-based nylon so the brushes are petroleum free.

Wooden Toothbrushes

The company called Life Without Plastic makes their toothbrushes out of beechwood, while their bristles are made of pig hair. While pig hair is more natural than nylon, it doesn’t stay as clean so be sure to sterilize your toothbrush frequently if you have one with pig hair bristles. No matter what you brush with, it’s vital that you practice good oral health habits every day and come in every six months for a cleaning and checkup. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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