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Extraction Regret Syndrome: Getting a Tooth Extraction too Soon

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Did you know that there’s such thing as getting orthodontic treatment too soon? If you got braces before you were ready, you may not be completely happy with the results. Although many resources take a “the sooner the better…” stance on getting orthodontic appliances, several recent studies are starting to challenge that idea. Read on to learn why it’s crucial to always get a second opinion before committing to a treatment plan you don’t feel comfortable with.

Is it Better to Defer Orthodontic Treatment?

Getting orthodontic treatment is a life-changing event that can impact not only your oral health, but also your confidence. Even as an adult, it’s a good idea to consider your treatment options and weigh the pros and cons of getting traditional braces or Invisalign.

In some non-severe cases, deferring orthodontic treatment is a good idea. Many studies have shown that for common alignment and crowding issues, waiting until you feel confident in your decision is often the best option.

What is Extraction Regret Syndrome?

It’s possible that in the process of receiving orthodontic treatment, your dental professional may say that you need to have a tooth extracted. In an effort to do what was best for your oral health at the time, it may not have crossed your mind to challenge this professional opinion. Down the road, this decision could ultimately result in extraction regret syndrome as well as a variety of cosmetic imperfections to develop.

What Can Happen if You Get a Tooth Extracted For Orthodontics?

The primary reasons that some patients experience extraction regret syndrome is because they notice their facial structure changing after having a tooth extracted due to orthodontic treatment. This can result in physical and emotional turmoil, ultimately impacting your confidence and the way you see yourself. If you feel self-conscious about any of the following physical symptoms, you may be suffering from ERRS:

  • Thinning lips
  • Hollow and narrow smile
  • Sunken facial appearance
  • You feel like your tongue has nowhere to go
  • Frequent head and neck pain
  • Jaw soreness
  • Chronic snoring
  • Emotional problems due to the changes

Even though you may have straighter teeth after your orthodontic treatment and tooth extraction, that doesn’t mean that your regret should be brushed aside. Fortunately, your dentist can help reverse these signs and restore your confidence by designing a plan to re-open your extraction sites and fill in the space with a fully-functional and natural-feeling implant-retained restoration.

Although dentists and orthodontists feel they know what’s ultimately best for you, it’s always important to get a second opinion to see the pros and cons of every situation. If you regret committing to treatment before you were ready and want to restore the natural feel of your smile, your dentist in Colorado Springs can help.  

About the Author

Dr. James Orban is a periodontal specialist who has completed advanced education and training solving complex dental problems. He has been surgically placing dental implants since 1974 and is dedicated to providing his patients with life-changing results that look and feel natural. He is an active member of several professional organizations, including the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and is able to complete the entire implant process in-office. If you regret having a tooth extracted for orthodontic treatment and want to restore the feel of your mouth, visit Espire Dental’s website or call us to schedule an appointment.