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Guided Implant Dentistry in Norman

Author: mcymer Posted: September 29th, 2017 Category:
guided implant dentistry in normanFor those who are in need of a replacement tooth to fill in the gaps and complete their smile, the future is here! Guided implant dentistry has arrived in Norman, OK, courtesy of Dr. Jim D. Spurgeon and the rest of the team at Smile Solutions. This high-tech solution for dental implants can make all the difference in your life by giving you back the smile you deserve and improving your overall quality of life. Don’t suffer with missing teeth when there is a cutting-edge solution that will help restore your smile! Here’s a comprehensive overview of computer-guided implant surgery and how it can benefit you, so you can possibly seek guided implant dentistry in Norman with us. 

What is Computer Guided Implant Dentistry?

Computer guided implant dentistry is where existing dental implant technology meets the future. While dental implants have been around for a couple of decades, guided implant dentistry takes the precision and skill required for performing implant surgery to the next level by using Computerized Tomography (CT) scan techniques and 3-D imaging to more accurately place dental implants. Because certain areas of your jawbone are more ideal than others for accepting a dental implant, determining the best course of action has always been of paramount concern. Now, thanks to computer guided implant dentistry techniques, your dentist can effectively eliminate the guesswork and know for certain that your implant is going into the best possible position in your jawbone, for even better, long-lasting results you will love!

How Can Guided Implant Dentistry Benefit Me?

Because guided implant dentistry allows dental professionals to visualize the jawbone in three dimensions prior to placement of the implant, it allows dentists to create the permanent restoration ahead of time, prior to surgery. In other non-guided implant procedures, patients must come back for several appointments to complete a multi-step process that involves placement of a post followed by a temporary crown, before finally receiving the permanent crown that attaches to the implant. Guided implant dentistry eliminates these extra steps, allowing dentists to place the actual restoration the day of the surgery, greatly simplifying the implant process. In addition to the time you will save by not having to return for additional appointments to complete your implant procedure, you will benefit from guided implant dentistry by receiving the safest, most accurate placement of your implant, which will improve the overall quality of your implant. When the guesswork is eliminated by computer imaging, dentists are more able to place the implant in an area of the jawbone that causes the least amount of discomfort and provides the greatest likelihood of long-term success. By using guided computer imaging to place your dental implant, your dentist is ensuring that your smile will remain intact with little to no complication for years following your surgery.

Guided Implant Dentistry in Norman

Isn’t it time you looked into getting a dental implant? Smile Solutions is here for our patients for guided implant dentistry in Norman, OK and surrounding areas. We look forward to helping you achieve the brilliant, beautiful smile you deserve with our guided implant dentistry techniques. Call 405-364-7385 today to schedule a consultation.