Four Alternatives to Veneers

alternative to veneers
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Veneers fix many dental issues, but they can be pricey and not right for every situation. Learn about your options beyond veneers. 

Veneers are like the Swiss Army knife of dental fixes. Capable of correcting everything from stained and chipped teeth to misaligned or misshapen teeth, these thin coatings of porcelain or composite resin are durable and can be placed on your teeth in just a few visits.

Like with everything else, veneers come with some drawbacks. Veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure in most instances, so they’re unfortunately not covered by insurance. As you will have to pay the full cost of the work, getting veneers can be pricey. 

To attach the veneers, your teeth will lose some layers of irreplaceable enamel. Although veneers are a great choice to fix front teeth, they are not recommended for molars in the back of the mouth. For these reasons, it may be helpful to consider different cosmetic alternatives that fit your needs and budget. 

Four Alternatives to Veneers

First, think about what you’re trying to achieve with a cosmetic dental procedure. Do you want whiter teeth? Or a straighter smile? Although several dental issues can be corrected with veneers, you can explore other options, such as the four listed here:

Crowns. Made of either metal, porcelain, or ceramic, crowns are strong, long-lasting, and can be made to match the color of your teeth. CEREC technology can create your crown in one visit. However, crowns are recommended mostly for restorative dentistry to replace a severely decayed tooth (such as to cap a root canal) or one so damaged you can’t chew properly. Although more durable than veneers, crowns can still chip and break. Depending on how many crowns you need, the cost can add up if you don’t have insurance.

Bonding. A quick fix for discolored or chipped teeth, bonding covers the tooth with a layer of composite resin material. Unlike crowns or veneers, less of your natural tooth is removed in preparation for the bonding. Once the material is placed on your tooth, your dentist will shape the material to fit the tooth and seal it with a UV light. Bonding isn’t as stain-resistant as a veneer, but the cost is much less. You also have to take care of your teeth after bonding by avoiding acidic or sugary foods. Grinding your teeth could damage the bonding material, so you may be advised to wear a mouthguard.

Teeth Whitening. A professional teeth whitening can brighten severely stained teeth. Your dentist will first examine your teeth for any decay or other problems. A bleaching agent is then smoothed over the teeth, removed, and reapplied again. At Espire, we use a highly concentrated whitening gel and a high-intensity laser light to safely whiten your teeth in two hours. To maintain your bright smile, your dentist may recommend using whitening trays at home. Although less pricey, tooth whitening may not be as long-lasting as veneers.

Braces/Invisalign. Veneers are perfect for gaps between teeth, slightly crooked or misshapen teeth. But if you have teeth or jaw that are severely misaligned, you may want to consider braces or Invisalign instead. Compared to the metal braces of the past, today’s braces are less noticeable, and Invisalign is completely invisible. Braces and Invisalign will cost more, and it could take months or years to see significant results. 

Which One is For You?

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