How Does Mouth Spray Help With Dry Mouth?

How Does Mouth Spray Help With Dry Mouth?

A mouth spray provides quick relief from dry mouth symptoms. But is it a permanent solution?

Saliva plays an essential role in your oral health. Saliva whisks away decay-causing bacteria and keeps your mouth moisturized. But when your saliva glands don’t produce enough liquid, your mouth feels dry and painful, making it difficult to speak and swallow.

If you suffer from a dry, scratchy mouth, you may find a mouth spray made specifically to combat the dryness helpful. Mouth spray only provides temporary relief, however. Since several conditions may cause dry mouth, you should talk to your dentist to determine the root cause and a long-term treatment plan.

What causes dry mouth?

In most cases, dry mouth, or xerostomia, may be a symptom of another medical condition. People with diabetes or oral thrush often experience a dry mouth. It could also be due to Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disorder marked by dry mouth and eyes.

A dry mouth could also be a temporary side effect of dehydration or anxiety. When you’re nervous, your mouth tends to dry up. It’s also why your mouth feels hot and dry after an intense workout.

Certain medications have also been linked to xerostomia, such as antihypertensives, antihistamines, and bronchodilators. In fact, the vast majority of dry mouth cases may result from medications.

Can a mouth spray help?

Whatever the cause, you want quick relief from your mouth’s dry, burning sensation. A mouth spray can do that. 

You can purchase an over-the-counter mouth spray, but make sure it contains xylitol. Xylitol A is a natural sweetener that’s better for you than glucose or fructose, and it doesn’t promote the growth of bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Your dentist can also prescribe you a mouth spray.

Although not the same as your natural saliva, a mouth spray can coat your mouth in a layer of calming moisture, relieving the dryness and helping clear away bacteria. You can also speak and swallow with ease. Other benefits include:

  • Quick relief. A bit of mouth spray can bring hours of relief from dry mouth pain. 
  • Use it on the go. The spray is portable, so you can carry it wherever you go when dry mouth strikes.
  • Use it more than once. You can use the spray as many times as needed during the day. But check the product specifications or ask your dentist about any limitations on usage.
  • Cavity prevention. Like your natural saliva, a mouth spray lubricates the mouth and cuts down on bacteria, which can help reduce your chance of cavities.

A mouth spray is a helpful tool for reversing dry mouth symptoms. The effects will wear off eventually. A mouth spray, however beneficial, is not a permanent cure or long-term treatment. Talk to your dentist about what may be causing your dry mouth. Managing a chronic condition like diabetes or adjusting your medications could alleviate your dry mouth. And drink a lot of water! It will keep your mouth and body hydrated.

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