Is Invisalign Worth It?

Is Invisalign Worth It?
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Don’t let the cost of Invisalign deter you from the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. It’s worth the investment!

Although orthodontic treatments come with a high cost, the price may be well worth it for straighter, healthier teeth. Invisalign is one popular technique for correcting crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, or moderate bite irregularities. For decades, Invisalign clear aligners have been used to replace traditional wire braces for orthodontic therapy.

Still, the price tag may make you balk when considering whether to start Invisalign treatment. But you’ll reap the rewards every day when you see your perfect smile, making Invisalign a worthy investment. At Espire Dental, we specialize in orthodontic therapies and have helped thousands of patients achieve a great smile and better oral health.

Why Invisalign is worth the investment

Only you can decide if Invisalign is worth the spend. But the advantages that Invisalign offers will pay off in the end. Let’s look at seven factors that make Invisalign an excellent investment.

Short Timeline. The Invisalign process begins when your dentist makes a 3D impression of your mouth. You’ll be given a new aligner every one to two weeks to gradually pull your teeth into proper alignment. Every four to six weeks, you’ll visit your dentist to check on your progress so that in as little as 12 months, you could have straighter teeth! However, your timeline depends on the severity of your dental issue problem, so it could take a bit longer in some instances.

Less Noticeable. The clear plastic of Invisalign makes it a good choice for teens and adults who’d rather not be seen in social situations with wire braces. Further, Invisalign trays can be removed for special occasions if needed. Invisalign aligners fit snugly over your teeth, so there is little chance the tray will dislodge. Keep in mind that the aligners must be worn at least 20 to 22 hours a day to be effective. 

No Diet Restrictions. You can enjoy your favorite foods with no restrictions because you take the tray out when you eat and drink. But there are some guidelines. After each meal, you must brush your teeth and clean the aligner so no food particles remain that could cause tooth decay.

Easier Teeth Cleaning. Cleaning your teeth with traditional braces can be a chore, but it’s not as so with Invisalign. Because you remove the aligners for cleaning, you brush and floss as you usually would. The only requirement is to clean your aligner regularly in warm water with a particular solution. Hot water is not recommended because the heat could warp the plastic.

Comfortable. At the beginning of treatment, you may feel slight discomfort as the force of the Invisalign works to align the teeth. That pressure tells you the treatment is working. As treatment progresses, you will feel less irritation.

Better Oral Health. Straight teeth are not merely a cosmetic upgrade. Having perfectly aligned teeth improves your oral health! Crooked, overlapping teeth are difficult and uncomfortable to clean. As bacteria and plaque grow, you’re at greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease. An abnormal bite can make eating painful because of the stress on your jaw. When you straighten your teeth, your overall oral health improves with your smile.

Your Cost May Covered. Many dental insurance plans pay for Invisalign but always check with your carrier first. Your final cost may not be as high as you think!

Let’s talk about Invisalign!

Schedule an appointment at Espire’s Oklahoma City location today! Our highly trained dentists can discuss the advantages of Invisalign and help you create a payment plan if needed. Don’t live near our Oklahoma City office? Find one of our other locations near you.

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