Cathy’s Story


When I was young, I was fearful of going to the dentist. And, despite having braces as a teenager, I never particularly liked my front teeth. When I finally got the courage as an adult to do something about it, I turned to Espire Dental for veneers. I cannot stop smiling now! I have been exceedingly happy with the results, and I no longer fear dental treatment because the dentists here are gentle and kind. In fact, I am now a long-term team member at the practice and could not have hand-selected a better team to work alongside every day. Every team member is genuine to the core and really cares about me, as well as every patient who walks through the door. I absolutely love my smile and I enjoy playing a part in helping other patients achieve the same results.

Cathy’s Smile

Your beautiful smile is our passion. Be comfortable knowing you are in great hands.