Same Day Crowns

Here at Espire Dental, we’re proud to provide “same-day crowns” thanks to our state of the art CEREC machine. Where traditional crown procedures take multiple visits spread over several weeks, our system creates complete porcelain crowns after a single visit. Our patients receive high-quality, natural-looking crowns in one single office visit.

As the name suggests, same-day crowns are formed and then cemented in place in one visit to our inspired offices. This process completely eliminates the sometimes-uncomfortable temporary crowns that are required with the standard crown procedure. Additionally, patients only have to be injected with anesthetic one time, something that many of our patients find much more convenient. CEREC crowns have a great aesthetic and are impressively durable, as well.

*Same-day crowns are available at most Espire offices. Contact your local Espire office for more details!

What is the CEREC system?

The CEREC system uses cutting-edge technology to design and fabricate porcelain crowns right in our office during your visit. Where other methods require at least two trips to the dentist’s office (and maybe more), CEREC crowns require just one. By using CEREC, we eliminate the need for temporary crowns, which can be uncomfortable and are more likely to come off.

The CEREC machine lessens numbing injections and drilling because it provides faster, more precise results. Additionally, using this machine allows us to avoid those goop-filled impressions. And most importantly, we can generally preserve more of your natural tooth thanks to the advanced technology in the CEREC system.

What does the same day crowns process look like with the CEREC machine?

One of our skilled dentists begins the procedure by preparing the tooth in a similar way to a conventional crown procedure. Next, instead of taking a goopy impression of your tooth, our staff will take a special digital image of the tooth using a high-tech camera. Using that image on a flat-screen television, your dentist will design the crown, assisted by the systems software.

Once the design is complete, your dentist will send it to the CEREC machine, which fabricates the crown to the precise measurements and specifications your dentist selected. It only takes about six minutes for the CEREC system to create most crowns!

Lastly, your dentist will take the newly-created crown and adhere it to your existing tooth.

What are the benefits of CEREC machine same day crowns?

The CEREC machine offers our patients numerous benefits. The most significant benefit is likely time and convenience. Instead of having to come back for a second visit, patients can complete the entire crown process in one visit. And that visit is shorter than most patients would expect. Same-day crowns also reduce the number of injections a patient must receive, and they eliminate the need for a temporary crown. Temporary crowns can often cause discomfort, and they can fall off, leading to additional trips to the dentist.

The CEREC machine also gives our dentists greater control over the look and fit of your crown. CEREC crowns are also stronger than traditional crowns, which can increase their durability and life span.