Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before Getting Braces Removed

Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before Getting Braces Removed

Braces give you straighter, healthier teeth. To keep them that way, arm yourself with the knowledge of what to do after the braces are removed.

Finally! After months and years of waiting, your braces are getting removed. No longer will you see metal brackets on your teeth when you look in the mirror. Although you’ve dreamed of this day for so long, your next question may be: What’s next?

If the braces have done their job, your teeth will be straighter and healthier. And you want to keep them that way! After the braces come off, what you do is just as important as the time spent wearing them. Your orthodontist will guide you through the next phase of your treatment. To get a head start, here are some questions to prepare before your braces are removed.

Six questions for your orthodontist before getting braces removed

To prepare for the appointment, talk to your orthodontist about what to expect before, during, and after the braces are removed. 

What do I do before the braces are removed? Your dental professional will give more detailed instructions, but it’s recommended you thoroughly clean your teeth before the appointment to remove any food particles. If you find dental work uncomfortable, take an over-the-counter pain reliever before the visit.

What happens during the removal, and how long will it take? The orthodontist will gently remove the brackets and wires of the braces. Any bonding glue will be cleared away, too. Your orthodontist will also give your teeth a good cleaning. The whole process typically takes about an hour. 

Will it hurt? You may feel slight pressure, but the procedure isn’t painful.

What will my teeth look like? You may see white spots on your teeth due to a buildup of plaque on the enamel. If discolorations are present, your orthodontist can remove them with a fluoride gel or varnish. You may also consider whitening treatments. 

Will I need a retainer and for how long? Yes, you will need a retainer! It’s the most crucial element of your after-care. If you don’t wear a retainer, your teeth may revert to their original positions, and all the orthodontic work will be undone. You don’t want your teeth to fall out of alignment, which could mean you’ll need braces again. 

There are different types of retainers: a bonded retainer attached to your teeth or a removable one. Your dentist will decide how long you will wear the retainer. A removable retainer should be worn every day for four to six months, but it could be longer, depending on your orthodontist’s recommendations. You can remove the retainer for meals and cleanings. Afterward, you may only need to keep the retainer on at night. Though you may not like wearing another dental device, follow the orthodontist’s instructions on how long to wear the retainer to maintain your newly straightened teeth.

Now that the braces are gone, how do I care for my teeth? Straighter teeth are great, but you still want to prevent cavities and gum disease. Continue practicing good oral hygiene! Brush daily with fluoride toothpaste. Flossing will also be much easier with no braces and straighter teeth. Schedule regular dental checkups, and see your orthodontist to ensure the retainer is effective and fitted properly. 

It’s a great day when your braces are finally gone. Now, you can enjoy your beautiful smile for many, many years!

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