When To Call An Endodontist For a Root Canal  

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Of all the dental treatments and procedures commonly used today, it is the one that causes patients the most apprehension and anxiety: root canal treatment. The major problem with root canal treatment is that many people do not know enough about the procedure: they only know it is painful. Here’s the kicker on root canal treatment though: it is both highly required to fix a major problem and actually helps alleviate pain.

When to Know You Need a Root Canal in Norman

So when do you know that you need a root canal? On the one hand, there are signs that can signal to you that you need to call your dentist and/or endodontist, while on the other hand, there are signs that only your dentist or endodontist can see that confirms that you need to undergo root canal treatment.

The most common sign that you may need to undergo a root canal treatment is pain. The pain more often than not comes after use, i.e., a pain that lasts after you eat. It has been described as anything from a dull ache to a sharp nerve pain centered in one tooth.

There are two issues with this, however. The first is that pain in a tooth can be symptomatic of a wide range of issues, besides a problem with the root canal. You may have a cavity; there may be tooth decay; or you may be experiencing gum disease. These are not the only problems that pain can be alerting you to.

The second issue is that oftentimes a problem with the root canal that needs treatment goes asymptomatic, meaning no pain is felt. It is simply noticed by the dentist, suggested that the patient undergoes root canal treatment, and confirmed by an endodontist. Not to scare you, but you may not even know that you need to undergo root canal treatment.

The ultimate thing to remember is that you should see your dentist or endodontist if you have any pain in your teeth. Pain is alerting you to a problem that needs to be fixed, so if the pain continues to last contact them immediately.

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