Milena’s Story

Procedure(s): Veneers

“I want to thank Dr. Jen and the staff at Espire Dental for making me smile from the inside out! I’ve always known that good dental hygiene is important, but until I met Dr. Jen, I didn’t know the possibilities of how it could change my life. I had a clicking jaw that required intensive Invisalign treatment and was left with large spaces between my top teeth. Dr. Jen worked side by side with my orthodontist to make sure that my teeth were in perfect alignment. She then mastered beautiful veneers that look natural and complete my smile. After looking back at my old professional photos, I now realize that I’ve always had a closed mouth smile.

After getting my veneers, I instantly noticed my teeth showing in every picture! Thank you Dr. Jen for helping me complete my look and making the entire process so easy. As an image consultant, I firmly believe you are never fully dressed without a smile. I recommend Espire Dental, formerly Levin Family Dental to all my clients because I know that they will not only take care of their basic needs, but they will go above and beyond to make sure that their experience and smile is one they can be proud to share!”

Milena’s Smile

Stress free beautiful smile. Relax knowing you are in great hands.