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Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you Love Your Smile?

A stunning smile can do wonders for a person’s self-confidence, and it makes an incredible visual impact, too. But most of us aren’t born with a perfect, Hollywood style smile. Cosmetic dentistry could be the answer to regaining your confidence and sense of well-being. If you are dealing with crooked, uneven or stained teeth, our team at Espire Dental offers a variety of impressive cosmetic dentistry procedures that can drastically enhance your smile.

Espire Dental offers cutting-edge, industry-leading quality in cosmetic dentistry. We offer numerous cosmetic treatments, including veneers, bonded tooth-colored fillings, Invisalign and professional whitening services. Many of our procedures are pain-free, and all are safe and convenient. Regain a sense of self-confidence by reshaping your smile with the help of the Espire Dental team.


Veneers are a great way to achieve a more attractive, youthful smile. Veneers are very thin porcelain laminates that can be attached to the front of your teeth using quality dental adhesives. We especially recommend veneers if your natural smile includes gaps, crooked teeth, or chipped or oddly shaped teeth.

At Home Teeth Whitening

With at-home teeth whitening, you can whiten your teeth in as little as two weeks at home. All it takes is an initial office visit, and you can do everything else from the convenience of your own home.

When you purchase teeth whitening service from us, you also contribute to the greater good! When you choose Espire Dental, proceeds from every teeth-whitening procedure go to charity.

Laser Whitening

If you are looking for a faster solution to teeth whitening or attending a special event such as a wedding, class reunion, or job interview, laser whitening could be right for you. You can get your teeth four to six shades whiter in less than two hours, thanks to our concentrated whitening gel and high-intensity light treatment. And you’ll feel good while looking good too—all proceeds from laser whitening go to charity!

Dental Implants

If you have one or more teeth missing, implants are a solution that’s both practical and cosmetic. They look just like natural teeth and are just as strong. Because they are anchored into your jawbone, dental implants are very secure. Implants can even prolong the life and health of surrounding natural teeth by keeping your natural spacing intact.

Bonding and Tooth-Colored Fillings

Silver and amalgam fillings do the job, but they can look very unsightly. Today we can use a natural colored bonding agent to create fillings that match your tooth color. We can also use this bonding material to repair tiny chips in your teeth. By taking a conservative approach, we’ll save more of your natural tooth — and save you money in the process.


Most patients looking to straighten their teeth no longer need to endure the discomfort and unsightliness of metal wire braces. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners that gently and gradually move your teeth into a beautiful, aligned position. Invisalign aligners are virtually invisible and can, for many patients, be more efficient than conventional braces.

Smile Makeover

Your smile says a lot about how you look and feel, and when your smile is confident…people notice! One of the ways to completely transform your smile is through modern, advanced cosmetic dentistry that can change your image and give you back the happiness and confidence you are looking for. If more than one cosmetic dentistry procedure appeals to you, you might be a good candidate for a “smile makeover”, where we provide you with a combination of procedures to correct crooked, chipped, missing, discolored teeth. We can also fix uneven gum lines. All with the goal of enhancing your smile’s beauty for years to come and giving you the kind of smile you’ve always wanted.

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Dental Crowns and Bridges

When you need a bridge or a dental crown, you want fast, efficient service and treatment that works for your schedule and budget. Crowns and bridges are typically used for patients with decayed, fractured, damaged, or missing teeth, and they can make your smile look whole and healthy again. Since they mimic the appearance of your original teeth, you can expect long-lasting correction of your dental issues. We can improve the appearance of your smile and make it easier for you to eat with crowns and bridges that fit your lifestyle.

Ultimate Makeover

For several years, Dr. Spurgeon and his team participated in the TV show Oklahoma’s Ultimate Makeover. Participants truly received their own, personal ULTIMATE makeover and we are so proud to have been part of their life-changing results.

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Attention, Care and Experience.

The best dentistry begins with listening to you – your needs, your concerns, and your preferences. It continues with a team of passionate professionals who truly care about you…and your smile. You get the best treatment options and exceptional outcomes from our decades of combined experience, backed by cutting edge equipment technology. And while all that’s happening, enjoy a warm blanket, noise cancelling headphones and your favorite show or movie! Let us make your dental experience enjoyable, memorable and stress-free.


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Stress Free Dentistry

Let us make your dentist experience as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Would you like a warm blanket and cozy pillow? Great! Plug in our noise cancelling headphones, put your feet up and listen to your favorite tunes or watch a movie on a flat screen TV.

We are here to surprise and delight you…while we care for your beautiful smile!

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A Complete Dental Experience

We’re passionate about your smile and are proud to offer a full suite of the highest quality general and specialty dental services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re coming in for a routine cleaning, cosmetic dentistry like veneers & teeth whitening, or are in need of crowns or dental implants…we have you covered! Along with our team’s exceptional workmanship, you’ll enjoy state of the art technology that creates fast, effective and often pain-free treatments. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority.

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