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Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease -- which is also called periodontal disease -- is a common problem that affects people all over the world. However, it can also be a very serious condition and a lot of people do not realize how much of a problem it can cause until the damage is already severe and concerning. You do not have to be one of the people who struggle with gum disease, and you can get treatment options that can improve the quality of your smile, the health of your gums, and your level of confidence, too. Whether your gum disease is advanced or just getting started, we can help you have healthier gums and a more confident smile in the future.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease occurs when the tissue around your teeth becomes infected. An infection can turn into major damage to the tissue and the bone that supports your teeth, when periodontal disease is not properly treated. Symptoms of gum disease can include:

Bleeding gums
Gums that are red or swollen
Bad breath
Loose teeth
Tender gums

How Does Gum Disease Affect Me?

Many people think this is only an issue for a person's mouth, but it can have effects on the rest of the body, as well. For example, having untreated periodontal disease can raise your risk of high blood pressure, strokes, and heart disease. It can also result in complications for pregnant women and diabetics.

How do you treat Gum Disease?

With proper plaque control and regular, professional teeth cleaning services, we can help you reduce your risks of disease and improve your gum health. Our team will work with you to create a personalized plan and path toward treatment.

Can I Prevent Gum Disease?

When you take good care of your teeth and gums, you make it harder for gum disease to get a foothold in your mouth and cause problems. Brushing, flossing, and seeing your dentist regularly are all good ways to lower your gum disease chances and make it more likely that your gums will remain healthy for the long term.

Tissue Grafting

If you already have gum disease, you do have some options for treatment. Tissue grafting, for example, is an excellent way to restore receding gum lines and protect the gums you have left. When tissue is grafted, it is allowed to attach to the remaining gum tissue you have. That helps to fill in the areas where your gums may have receded, and can give you a healthier smile and firm up loose teeth. While this procedure can take some time to complete, it can be well worth it when it comes to protecting your gums, improving your smile, and potentially saving your teeth, as well.

Attention, Care and Experience.

The best dentistry begins with listening to you – your needs, your concerns, and your preferences. It continues with a team of passionate professionals who truly care about you…and your smile. You get the best treatment options and exceptional outcomes from our decades of combined experience, backed by cutting edge equipment technology. And while all that’s happening, enjoy a warm blanket, noise cancelling headphones and your favorite show or movie! Let us make your dental experience enjoyable, memorable and stress-free.


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Stress Free Dentistry

Let us make your dentist experience as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Would you like a warm blanket and cozy pillow? Great! Plug in our noise cancelling headphones, put your feet up and listen to your favorite tunes or watch a movie on a flat screen TV.

We are here to surprise and delight you…while we care for your beautiful smile!

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A Complete Dental Experience

We’re passionate about your smile and are proud to offer a full suite of the highest quality general and specialty dental services to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re coming in for a routine cleaning, cosmetic dentistry like veneers & teeth whitening, or are in need of crowns or dental implants…we have you covered! Along with our team’s exceptional workmanship, you’ll enjoy state of the art technology that creates fast, effective and often pain-free treatments. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority.

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