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Realizing the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Author: mcymer Posted: September 19th, 2016 Category:
If you have a severely damaged or infected tooth, your dentist will likely do everything possible to try to save your tooth from loss or extraction. Usually root canal treatment is the best option for restoring your tooth. Aside from saving your natural tooth, root canal therapy offers numerous benefits. Tooth damage can result from severe decay, cracks, injuries, deep cavities or more. A root canal procedure focuses on removing damaged tooth pulp, located in the interior of your tooth. The procedure removes the bad pulp and cleans the area, decontaminating and sealing it to protect against future harm. It is the ideal way to permanently save your tooth. Root canal treatment restores biting force and normal sensation to your tooth, so that use of your tooth is effective and comfortable. It also protects the other teeth in your mouth from having to undergo excessive wear, since you won’t be tempted to avoid chewing on the damaged tooth anymore. Not all cases requiring root canal therapy involve pain, but many patients do experience significant toothaches. Tooth pulp is full of nerve endings and it’s common for it to create severe pain when damaged. This treatment eliminates pain and restores your ability to eat, sleep, and basically live your life without discomfort. Part of the root canal procedure usually includes placing a dental crown on top of your natural tooth after its pulp chamber has been thoroughly cleaned. This gives you an attractive and natural looking tooth in your smile, as well as enjoying the durable protection the crown provides. All of these benefits are reasons that patients pursue root canal therapy. If you are faced with this treatment, don’t be alarmed by what you may have heard about root canal treatment in the past. Modern advancements have reduced the pain that used to be associated with this procedure, making it no more uncomfortable or stressful than getting a regular dental filling. The benefits far outweigh the risks, so take your dentist’s advice at Smile Solution in Norman OK if root canal therapy is recommended for you.