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Reasons for Regular Visits to Your General Dentist

Author: brabidou Posted: August 14th, 2016 Category:
Many people think it’s acceptable to skip regular dental checkups, especially if they’re not experiencing any problems. That is not true because proper dental care is essential in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. All sorts of issues can develop like gum disease, infections and even tooth loss if you don’t consistently see your dentist for examinations and treatment. An important aspect of visiting your general dentist is to obtain preventive care. That means you need checkups even when you think your oral health is in great shape. A thorough examination and simple tests like dental X-rays can identify problems that may not be displaying any symptoms at the time. Hidden cavities, the start of gum disease, or the early stages of an infection can all be painless but may worsen into serious trouble. Another reason for keeping your dental appointment is to have your teeth professionally cleaned. This eliminates plaque and tartar, especially in hard-to-reach areas, to help ensure that you have ideal oral health. Cleanings by your dentist also brighten up your smile and keep it looking its best. How often should you visit your general dentist? It is advised to go every six months. Many patients believe that once a year is plenty, but dentists actually recommend twice yearly to maintain your most healthy teeth and gums. Senior adults and children are especially prone to oral issues, so those age groups are urged not to skip their trips to the dentist. When you establish a consistent relationship with your general dentist, you’ll find that your dental professional will get to know you and your oral health very well. This helps the dentist pick up on changes or problems that may develop, and also keep an eye on medical conditions or ongoing dental issues. This is the perfect way to achieve your oral health goals and avoid discomfort in the future. Contact the dentists at our Norman OK dental office to make an appointment right away. Begin your journey to a healthy smile by visiting your dentist every six months.