Veneers by Espire Dental | Milena

Author: mcymer Posted: December 2nd, 2017 Category:

My name is Milena, and I’m a patient at Levin Family Dental. My experience working with the entire LFD team was awesome. You’re always greeted by someone with a smile on their face, and they, you know, make you feel really comfortable and at home. And you really get to know all of their staff and team members like they’re your friends.

After getting my veneers, I was just wildly surprised at what a difference it actually made and I actually looked back at a lot of my old pictures that I had, and one thing that I really noticed is that all the pictures I had I was smiling with my mouth closed.

And after I got my veneers, I think just the confidence that I had, and I started to look at my smile in a completely different way and it really changed, I think how other people saw me and then how I saw myself and I was just a lot more confident and smiling bigger and wider with my teeth showing and being happy to actually have pictures where people see my smile.