What is Tooth Wax?

What Is Tooth Wax?
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Are your braces hurting you? You can try stopping the pain with tooth wax.

Braces have helped millions of people achieve straighter teeth. However, metal braces can sometimes irritate the mouth, lips, and gums. If your braces are causing discomfort, schedule an appointment with your dentist to see if an adjustment is necessary. But what do you do in the meantime to reduce the pain?

Try tooth wax! Also known as orthodontic or dental wax, tooth wax is available in pharmacies or online. They help reduce pain by providing a buffer between the wire brace and gums. Tooth wax is made of paraffin, beeswax, or carnauba wax and is safe to apply to your mouth. 

What you can do with tooth wax

Tooth wax is used primarily to reduce pain and irritation from metal braces. In some instances, a wire from the braces breaks loose and jabs against the lining of the mouth or gums. The wax forms a protective barrier around the wire until your dentist can adjust it. 

That’s not the only use for tooth wax. Partial dentures lock into place with wires that can also aggravate the gums and mouth tissue. A coating of tooth wax reduces the pain. It can also cover the jagged edges of a broken or chipped tooth until it can be repaired.

How to apply tooth wax

Most brands of tooth wax have no flavor so that you won’t taste it in your mouth. If you prefer, you can buy a wax with a flavor, such as mint. Tooth wax is colorless, so it’s not noticeable when you speak.

Once you choose a wax, you can easily apply it by following these instructions:

Brush your teeth. Brushing removes any food particles before application. After brushing, dry your braces, so the wax firmly sticks to the surface of the metal.

Use a small amount of wax. After washing your hands, squeeze out a pea-sized dollop of wax. To warm and soften the wax, rub it between your hands for about five seconds. You should have a small disc of wax ready for application.

Apply the wax. Find the area where the irritation occurs. Press the wax to that area with your finger or tongue. Repeat the process if the wax doesn’t stick or flakes away at first.

Replace the wax coating every two days. Although it’s not recommended you swallow the wax, don’t worry if you accidentally do so because the wax contains no harmful chemicals.

Although helpful in relieving pain from braces, partial dentures, or broken teeth, tooth wax is only a temporary solution. Long-term irritation of the gums or mouth tissue can lead to serious oral complications. For a permanent fix, you need to see your dentist or orthodontist for treatment.

Are your braces hurting?

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