Where Can I Get Rid of White Spot Lesions on My Teeth in Wyoming?

Where Can I Get Rid of White Spot Lesions on My Teeth in Wyoming?

Do you have white spots on your teeth? Your local Wyoming dentist can get rid of them!

Most people want whiter teeth. But random spots on your teeth that are whiter than your natural tooth color could be a red flag for more serious dental problems.

Besides being unsightly, those white spot lesions can be a precursor to tooth decay and cavities. But there’s good news! It’s a very treatable condition with several effective dental therapies. With early intervention, you can eliminate those white spots on your teeth and regain your perfect smile.

What causes white spot lesions?

Several factors cause white spot lesions to form on your teeth. A closer examination by your dentist can determine the root cause behind those white spots, but here are four possible reasons:

Thin enamel. Enamel is the outer layer of your teeth. As such, it’s the first line of defense against tooth decay. However, if the enamel thins, it opens a window for bacteria to take root and cause cavities. Known as enamel hypoplasia, thin enamel usually begins in childhood due to genetic factors, such as vitamin deficiencies or medications the mother took during pregnancy. Some people may have a hereditary predisposition to thinner-than-normal enamel, as well.

Too much fluoride. Fluoride is supposed to be good for teeth, but excessive amounts can cause a condition called fluorosis which causes white spots. Taking fluoride supplements, drinking water with high fluoride content, or even swallowing fluoride toothpaste can lead to fluorosis. The spots caused by fluorosis may appear chalky white, yellow, or brown.

Poor oral hygiene. If you don’t brush and floss regularly and instead eat too much sugar, you’ll allow bacteria and plaque to collect on your teeth. When the bacteria in plaque mixes with the acids in sugar, it wears away at the enamel on your teeth in a process known as demineralization. Those white spots from demineralization can develop into cavities if left untreated. A low-calcium diet can also weaken the enamel.

Braces. Orthodontic treatment with braces increases the chance of demineralization, especially if the wearer doesn’t practice good oral hygiene. A 2017 study found brace wearers had a higher incidence of demineralization or white spots on their teeth, most likely aggravated by poor oral care.

How to make those white spots disappear

Fortunately, there are several treatments available to make those white spots disappear, such as:

Topical fluoride. Topical fluoride treatment can strengthen your enamel against decay. Your dentist can apply a prescription fluoride treatment, or you can purchase fluoride toothpaste, mouthwashes, and gels.

Cosmetic dentistry. Teeth-whitening treatments, whether done in the dentist’s office or at home, can even out the white spots. Another option is porcelain veneers applied over the front of your teeth to mask any discoloration.

Microabrasion. Removing a thin layer of enamel from the tooth’s surface can help the white spots become less noticeable. A 2015 study supported using microabrasion to improve teeth’ aesthetic appearance. 

Preventing white spots 

A lifetime of good oral care can prevent white spots. Yet there are some measures you can take specifically to ward off white spot lesions:

Watch your fluoride intake. Find out how much fluoride is in your tap water and the drinks you consume to make sure you’re not taking in too much fluoride. Teach your child to use only a dab of fluoride toothpaste and not swallow it. If pregnant, consult your doctor and dentist about which medications and fluoride products may affect the developing baby. 

Clean your teeth with braces. Admittedly, it can be hard to clean your teeth with braces. But diligently cleaning around the wires and brackets will ensure your teeth are spotless when the braces finally come off.

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