The Benefits of CEREC Crowns

The Benefits of CEREC Crowns

Have you heard of CEREC same-day crowns? They are a relatively new phenomenon in restorative dentistry. Here’s what you need to know.

Suppose you need a crown to repair a severely decayed tooth but don’t have the time for the two visits required to complete the restoration. Don’t hesitate any longer, because same-day crowns are becoming more common in dentist offices across the U.S. with the aid of CEREC (​​Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics).

While crowns in the past required at least two lengthy appointments, crowns made with the CEREC process are built and fitted in a single visit, saving you time and much discomfort. Talk to an Espire dentist to determine if a CEREC crown is right for you. 

What you need to know about CEREC and how it can benefit you

The CEREC process uses special software and equipment to create crowns and other dental restorations, including veneers, bridges, and dentures. The combination of this advanced technology makes same-day crowns possible. 

In short, CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) software designs the crown from an impression of your tooth. The impression is then sent to a 3D printer that mills a ceramic crown, which is then fitted over your tooth. 

CEREC-constructed crowns offer several advantages, including:

Quickness. The entire process happens during one office appointment. You don’t have to wait two weeks for a permanent crown to be built in a dental laboratory while you wear a temporary cap. CEREC eliminates the stress and discomfort of multiple dental visits.

Appearance. The cap will closely match your natural teeth because the CEREC crown is made of ceramic and not metal or metal elements.

Durability. CEREC crowns are strong, with one study finding that same-day crowns are a reliable alternative to traditional ones.

Accuracy. CAD/CAM software and the 3D printer produce crowns designed specifically for your tooth and jaw alignment. You’ll get a highly accurate fit once the crown comes out of the milling machine. 

Same-day crowns come with a few drawbacks. For instance, the crowns can only be made of ceramic. You cannot request another type of material. The cost is typically higher than traditional crowns, but Espire Dental will discuss payment options with you. Regardless, the benefits of CEREC crowns far outweigh the minor drawbacks.

What is the CEREC process like?

It doesn’t differ much from getting a traditional crown, except the process is more condensed. It typically takes four steps, as detailed here:

The first step. After administering anesthesia, your dentist scans the tooth needing restoration to obtain a digital image and determine how a crown would fit over it.

The second step. CAD/CAM technology uses the image to design a digital model of your tooth from which the crown will be based.

The third step. The digital image is sent to a 3D printer that mills the crown from a block of ceramic material. This step takes about 15 minutes.

The fourth step. Your dentist polishes the crown and checks to see if it needs any adjustments. If the crown fits, it will be permanently bonded to your tooth.   

All of this happens in just one office visit. When you’re done, you’ll leave with a fully restored tooth that functions like your natural tooth.

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