Dr. Omer Anisson

Dr. Omer Anisso

Meet Dr. Omer Anisso – a true family man, and an expert DIY guy around the home and office! As the proud owner of Espire Dental Encinitas (previously La Costa Dental Group), his practice has been serving the surrounding community since 1975! With over 30 years of experience providing high-quality clinical care, he has become one of the most trusted dental professionals in the area. Growing up in charming Northville, Michigan, Dr. Anisso attended the University of Detroit Dental School and was voted by his peers to serve as his dental class’s Vice President during his third and fourth year. He then spent several years honing his clinical skills in group and private practices before heading to Southern California in 2006.

Dr. Anisso is dedicated to providing patients with the highest level of clinical treatment, helping patients achieve a beautiful and healthy smile that will last for a lifetime. But what really makes Dr. Anisso stand out as a remarkable dentist is his passion for family-friendly dentistry and conservative care for both children and adults. He truly believes in caring for his patients like family and building long-lasting relationships. His lighthearted nature and love of laughter make him a joy to be around, which helps to alleviate dental anxiety and promote a stress-free visit.

When Dr. Anisso is not busy caring for patients, he enjoys taking road trips with his family, Parker, Bella, and his beautiful wife Janelle. He spends his free time coaching his son’s youth-league, hosting couples card game nights, and testing out his culinary skills for friends. He also enjoys outdoor activities like golf, soccer, tennis, and skiing! Dr. Anisso is always eager to welcome new patients into the practice and receiving referrals from current patients, friends, and family. If you’re seeking exceptional dental care from a friendly, neighborhood dentist, look no further than Dr. Anisso!


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