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Written by: Alina Masri

Situated in the elegant beach town of La Jolla, California stands the statuesque former model turned dentist, Dr. Sophia Aramoon, D.D.S. With such a warm and welcoming demeanor, you’d never guess she once graced catwalks and magazine covers. And with that, it’s certainly safe to say that Dr. Aramoon is not your average dentist. 

Dr. Aramoon’s approach comes from the heart. She genuinely prides herself in the wellbeing and happiness of her patients from the moment they step into her office, to the big reveal of their results. Working alongside her talented colleague, Dr. Sarah Winter, they have naturally become patient favorites whose office is often referred to as the best dental clinic in San Diego. After a tour of the stunning, brightly lit office, it’s easy to understand the appeal. Not only do the state-of-the-art features offer a competitive edge, the friendly atmosphere makes all patients feel at home. 

“Quality is very important to me in every aspect,” Dr. Aramoon expressed confidently. “We truly only offer the best of the best. We use top-of-the-line dental materials and the highest-quality labs to make our crowns and veneers. I’m proud to say that it does not get better than what we offer!” Further, Dr. Aramoon is equipped with the specialized training of the most prestigious, world-renowned dentistry courses. She is California board-certified and constantly adding to her repertoire in order to deliver the best results. 

The wide range of her office’s dental services ensures that every patient can fulfill their dental goals. While Dr. Aramoon offers general dentistry and botox to treat TMJ pain, her true love is cosmetic dentistry. As a naturally artistic person, she views cosmetic dentistry as a work of art. “It truly feels like I’m creating art on someone’s teeth,” she said. Certainly, any passerby would assume the same, as her setup often looks like an artist’s studio with an array of paint brushes and various shades of composite and stains used to mimic the natural tones of teeth.

Dr. Aramoon indicates that cosmetic dentistry can take a variety of forms to enhance a patient’s smile. It can be as simple and efficient as whitening, or the implementation of clear aligners, which are clear trays that move the teeth into a desired position without the discomfort of traditional metal braces.She also offers composite bonding, which is a quick and affordable way to subtly enhance a smile. One of the most highly sought-after cosmetic procedures, however, is veneers and because of their high demand, Dr. Aramoon has become a true crown and veneer expert. These are a client favorite to efficiently change the size, shape, and color of teeth. They function as ultra-thin layers of porcelain that are bonded onto the front surface of each tooth, keeping the natural tooth structure intact. They are entirely customized to each patient’s specific needs, and patients are always examined to see if they are candidates for minimally invasive veneers. 

As previously noted, Dr. Aramoon is a unique dentist. What truly sets her apart from others in her field is a genuine interest in her patients’ well-being. She works tirelessly to ensure that every step of the way, her patients are comfortable. As a result, she is often praised for her natural ability to calm even the most anxious of patients. Her inspiration? The joyful and surprised reaction she sees on her patients’ faces when they see their results for the first time. “It’s the smile of pure shock and excitement that I work so hard for!” She said. “That’s what inspires me and motivates me every single day!” With such heartwarming passion for her craft, such success and favor among clients is certainly warranted. 

Dr. Aramoon is excitedly taking new patients and invites anyone interested in renovating their smile to contact her office for a consultation. 

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