Judy’s Story

Procedure(s): Veneers

Changing dentists is always stressful. I have had a lot of wonderful dentistry over the years. Our dentist, who we loved, moved away. Sarah Winter took over his practice. WOW! My first experience was for a cleaning with Nicole. She is so gentle and thorough, best I have had in a long time. I needed two crowns to replace ones I had for over 40 years (got my money’s worth on those). Dr. Winter is without a doubt the most pain free dentist I have ever met. She was not happy with the color of the replacement crowns and she had them redone. They are PERFECT now. The fit, feel, and look is wonderful. Have no hesitation; call lovely Liz, she will set you up with an appointment, and the rest of the staff will take care of you like you are family, family you really like!