Patient Comfort

Patient comfort is a high priority for Espire Dental. We offer a large selection of television and movies, or patients can watch their favorite programs from their own electronic device. Or, if you’d rather block out the world during your procedure, we provide complimentary noise-cancelling headphones. Some patients opt for nitrous oxide — commonly known as “laughing gas” — to ease their nerves during their procedure. This safe and effective sedative will help time pass more quickly and comfortably. You’re also welcome to bring your own pillows and blankets to make yourself feel at home.

Make Yourself at Home

Feel right at home with blankets and neck pillows to ensure your comfort.

Laugh Through Your Procedure

Instead of feeling nervous or anxious, you can laugh your way through your treatment. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as ‘laughing gas’ is safe and available to help you enjoy your time with us.

Cancel Out the World

Go to your happy place – our complimentary noise-cancelling headphones will block out the sometimes anxiety-inducing sounds of the dentist’s tools.

Watch Television or Your Favorite Movies

Watch your favorite shows from our large selection, or bring something from home to play on our flat screens during any procedure.

Sedation Dentistry

Many people experience fear or anxiety regarding dental treatment. When a patient is apprehensive, they tend to avoid the dentist allowing the pain to continue to impact their day to day life. In most cases, avoiding treatment can only cause the problem to become more serious.