Sedation Dentistry in Norman, OK- How it Helps People Who Fear the Dentist

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The best way to get over the fear of the dentist is to use sedation dentistry in Norman, OK. Smile Solutions offers this service to all patients.

About Sedation Dentistry in Norman, OK

Scared about visiting the dentist? Don’t worry-you’re not alone!

A number of adults have a phobia of dental visits, including routine checkups, and avoid the dentist’s chair at all costs. Whether you suffered past trauma during a dental visit as a child, have a fear of needles, or are anxious or fearful of just sitting in the chair as the dentist examines your mouth, teeth and gums, there is a way to maintain good oral health with regular dental visits without triggering your fears.

New advances in sedation dentistry techniques have helped dental health professionals get their patients the treatment they need without any of the accompanying dental anxiety.

Dentists right here in Norman, OK practice sedation dentistry techniques that are safe and effective. Here’s what you need to know about how sedation dentistry works and how it can help lessen your dental stress.

When you fear the dentist, you may find yourself putting off routine dental exams and cleanings, or failing to go to the dentist altogether. However, this is not a good option as it is vital to the health of your mouth, teeth and gums to have regular examinations by a dental care professional. Avoiding these routine visits can cause problems like plaque buildup, which is one of the chief causes of tooth decay.

Additionally, routine dental checkups are necessary for early detection of serious oral health issues like cavities or periodontitis (gum disease). When you think about it, visiting your dentist two times per year for preventative care is much less scary than the prospect of having to come for an emergency extraction because an easily-prevented cavity in your tooth has caused major decay.

Having a fear of dental exams is not a good reason to skip these important checkups, and can cost you your dental health down the road!

Options for Sedation Dentistry

If you are among those who find themselves avoiding the dentist, rest assured that many options in sedation dentistry are available, even for regular dental exams. A patient who opts for mild sedation will receive nitrous oxide, also commonly referred to as laughing gas. This gas is breathed in through a special mask at the beginning of your appointment and allows you to remain calm and relaxed throughout your procedure. One major advantage of nitrous oxide is that you are able to drive yourself home after your appointment- no need to arrange for a friend or family member to pick you up!

If you are facing a complex dental procedure or your level of dental anxiety requires more moderate sedation, your dental health professional can administer sedation using an IV. With this level of sedation, you will likely sleep lightly throughout your procedure, and may not remember part or all of your appointment when you wake up. General anesthesia is also available for patients who need to be completely sedated. It is normally reserved for involved procedures such as extractions, root canals and wisdom teeth removal, but can be used for less complex procedures if necessary. General anesthesia is administered by a licensed dental anesthesiologist, so you can be sure that you will be sedated safely and with no complications. Moderate sedation and general anesthesia require patients to be driven home by a trusted friend or relative, so if you opt for these levels of sedation, be sure to bring a buddy!

Your dentist cares about you and your oral health, and makes it a priority to ensure that every patient he or she sees receives the best in dental care. Talking over your anxiety with your dentist can help you begin to face your fears that have been preventing you from attending important dental exams.

Dr. Jim D. Spurgeon and the rest of the Smile Solutions team are dedicated to making sure our Norman, OK patients feel completely at ease for the duration of their appointments with sedation dentistry practices. To learn more about sedation dentistry, call Smile Solutions today at 405-364-7385.