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Jessica’s Story

Procedure(s): Veneers

Back in 2015 I looked in the mirror and realized I had things about my smile I desired to be different. I started to realize that I was just alright with my smile. I had good teeth, straight teeth, whitish teeth. My parents spent a lot of money they didn’t have to afford braces for many years and dental appointments to keep my healthy smile. I felt I should be appreciative for what I had and not get overly “perfect” teeth. I also didn’t want to grind my healthy, perfectly “good” teeth down to smaller teeth to put veneers on. What I realized is that good teeth is cool, but GREAT teeth would be amazing! I started to smile in the mirror and let myself think about what I would like to make my smile a “wow” smile. I always admired bigger teeth, but I never thought that was achievable. I just didn’t understand how that would work. I always desired whiter teeth, but after bleaching a lot I never felt the color was what I was hoping. Then I got curious to ask Dr Jen her thoughts on my smile. I told her my desires to have a bigger smile with wider, longer and whiter teeth. Without hesitation, she replied YES totally able to do that! I also had a huge contingency. I did NOT want to drill my teeth to do anything! If I had to drill my teeth I was OUT! She then gave me the option to do invisalign to straighten up my smile, but to also space my teeth enough for the Veneers to go over each tooth. She said after invisalign, she would only have to prep my teeth with IPR ( basically a sand paper floss) between my teeth that we were doing veneers on. After that was the plan, I was IN and SO excited to get started! My appointments consisted of: 1 1/2 hr appt for photos, impressions for invisalign It took about 2 weeks for invisalign trays to come in. I did invisalign for 5 weeks which was 5 trays = 1 tray/week. After that 5 weeks was up I had a 4 hour appt to do impressions, pictures, IPR prep for my veneers and she put on temporary veneers. We also talked about the desires for my teeth: what shape I wanted for the embrasures (the ends of your teeth wanting round or more square) Honestly, after I told Dr Jen my 3 desires LONGER, WIDER, and WHITER. I let her take the reins. I trusted her. I have seen a lot of her work, and I loved her ability to give patients their desires. She has such a rare touch as a professional to make it custom to the patients face and not look like a smile that is obviously “fake”. I wanted people that I pass by and smile at to say WOW she has a noticeable, bright and beautiful smile. I didn’t want them to think I had any dentistry done to achieve that. I LOVE my smile. I love that I gave Dr. Jen the ability to do her creative touch. My teeth are NOT perfect and I love that! I love taking photos! I love that I say WOW I have a great smile every time I pass by people. My desire for my smile was totally achieved and I am having so much fun smiling at everybody I see.

Jessica’s Smile

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