Jessica’s Story

Procedure(s): Veneers

Back in 2015 I looked in the mirror and realized I had things about my smile I desired to be different. I started to realize that I was just alright with my smile. I had good teeth, straight teeth, whitish teeth. My parents spent a lot of money they didn’t have to afford braces for many years and dental appointments to keep my healthy smile. I felt I should be appreciative for what I had and not get overly “perfect” teeth. I also didn’t want to grind my healthy, perfectly “good” teeth down to smaller teeth to put veneers on. What I realized is that good teeth is cool, but GREAT teeth would be amazing! I started to smile in the mirror and let myself think about what I would like to make my smile a “wow” smile.

I always admired bigger teeth, but I never thought that was achievable. I just didn’t understand how that would work. I always desired whiter teeth, but after bleaching a lot I never felt the color was what I was hoping. Then I got curious to ask Dr Jen her thoughts on my smile. I told her my desires to have a bigger smile with wider, longer and whiter teeth. Without hesitation, she replied YES totally able to do that!

Jessica’s Smile

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