Pediatric Dentistry

With the cheerful team and colorful offices, kids feel at home here too! At Espire Dental, we provide your little ones with the same high-quality and personalized care that you receive. Kids can even watch their favorite cartoon to stay at ease while our dentists look at their grin. We want to make sure that your entire family’s smiles are healthy and happy. We are your go-to Denver dentist!

What does pediatric dental care involve?

For many, finding the right pediatric dentist for your child can be a struggle. Pediatric dental care differs in key ways from adult dentistry. Treating children’s dental health requires a specialized understanding of children’s teeth and pediatric development as well as a basic understanding of how to engage with children as patients.

Pediatric dentists care for children’s teeth and gums from roughly the age of one. Because of the complexities of dental development, pediatric dentists spend years in residency gaining a specialized understanding of children’s teeth — from their initial stages to the onset of permanent adult teeth.

Pediatric dentists also teach children how to maintain good dental hygiene and help them become comfortable with regular trips to the dentist. Beyond an understanding of dental development, pediatric dentists must be equipped to interact with children, communicate regularly with parents, and create a stress-free environment for patient care.

What are its benefits?

Finding the right pediatric dentist can offer your child important long-term benefits. When your pediatric dentist makes a meaningful connection with your child, they help build the foundation for a lifetime of healthy dental practices. Your child will learn how to care for their teeth, practice sound dental hygiene, and even embrace regular visits to the dentist.

From a developmental standpoint, pediatric dentistry is essential. If your child has any major cosmetic or medical issues with their teeth, pediatric dentists can identify and fix tooth, gum, and jaw problems before they impact your child’s quality of life.

Major dental configuration issues can be very uncomfortable if left uncorrected. Your pediatric dentist can help address all your child’s dental needs, from a slight overbite to habitual teeth-grinding, before they become entrenched problems.

What pediatric services does Espire Dental offer?

From our friendly team to our colorful offices, at Espire Dental, we strive to create a stress-free environment where children feel at ease. We provide your children with the same high-quality and personalized care that we offer our adult clients.

Kids can even watch their favorite movie or cartoon to stay at ease while their teeth are being examined. If you’re looking for qualified pediatric dentists in the Denver metro area, visit Espire today. We’re here to create healthy smiles for everyone — not just grown-ups.