What Are Dentures?

If you have lost several, or all, of your teeth due to bone loss, extensive decay, or trauma, our Wyoming dentists can help bring back your functionality and ability to chew. Dentures are a common replacement for missing teeth that can be removed and put back into your mouth as you please.

There are two main types of dentures: full and partial. Full dentures are used when all of a patient’s natural teeth are removed from the mouth and replaced with a full set of dentures. Partial dentures are an option when several, but not all, of your teeth need to be removed. A partial denture can be made to replace front teeth, back teeth, or a mix of both. During your visit, our expert Wyoming denture dentists can help find the best solution for you.

Process for Getting Dentures

Chances are, someone you know has dentures. Not everyone you meet is satisfied with their dentures, but at Espire Dental, we are dedicated to making sure your dentures are a perfect fit with minimal pain and soreness.

For patients who need a full set of dentures, there are two primary types:
Conventional Full Dentures:  All of the teeth are removed, and the tissue is given time to heal before the dentures are placed. It could take a few months for the gum tissue to heal completely, and during this time you will be without teeth.
Immediate Full Dentures – Prior to having your teeth removed, your dentist takes measurements and has dentures fitted for your mouth. After removing the teeth, the dentures are immediately placed in your mouth. The benefit is that you do not have to spend any time without teeth. You will, however, need to have a follow up visit to refit your dentures because the jawbone will slightly change shape as your mouth heals.

Caring for Your Dentures

Even though dentures are not real teeth, you should care for them like they are. It is important to brush them to remove plaque and food particles. After removing your dentures, you should place them directly into room temperature water or a denture cleaning solution. Never use hot water because it could warp the dentures.

Your dentures are delicate, so make sure you are careful when handling them, so you don’t drop them. Also, never try to adjust your dentures yourself. You could ruin them, so you should always seek assistance from our team if they feel uncomfortable or loose.