Getting Dentures in Wyoming

Getting Dentures in Wyoming
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Do you need to replace missing teeth? You can easily get dentures at Espire Dental in Wyoming.

Losing a tooth or several teeth can be upsetting. You want your smile back as soon as possible! Enter: dentures. With natural-looking dentures, you can speak, eat, and smile as you did before.

But deciding whether to get dentures can be a significant decision. At Espire Dental in Wyoming, our dentists have the expertise to answer all of your concerns, so you’ll be comfortable with your decision. Before you meet us, read on to learn about the various types of dentures.

The process of getting dentures

Depending on how many teeth are missing, you’ll get full or partial dentures, both of which are removable. The dentures will be shaped from an impression of your mouth.  

You and your dentist will also decide whether to use acrylic resin or porcelain for the prosthetic teeth. Both will look natural, but each comes with some advantages and disadvantages. Porcelain lasts longer than acrylic but may cost a bit more. Although acrylic dentures are stronger, they tend to wear out quicker, so you may need to replace them every five to eight years.

A framework, also called a plate, supports the dentures. A removable partial denture plate is made of pink or gum-colored plastic on which the replacement teeth are mounted. Partial dentures also come with attachments connecting the device to your natural teeth.

After extraction, your dentist will fit you with one of three types of dentures. Each adheres closely to your gum line, so you won’t even know they’re there.

Conventional. With conventional dentures, you’ll have to wait several weeks for your gums to heal before the dentures are placed. 

Immediate. The dentures are fitted immediately after extraction, so you aren’t without teeth for weeks. However, once your gums recover and change shape, you may need to adjust the dentures.

Overdentures. Overdentures are made to slip over your healthy teeth. This denture is the most secure because the existing teeth add support.

Caring for your dentures

Once you get your dentures, you’ll want to keep them in good condition. Proper care can maintain your oral health and keep your dentures looking like your natural pearly whites. Try these basic tips to care for your dentures:

Clean daily. Before you thoroughly clean your dentures, rinse with lukewarm water to remove any food particles. Then brush the dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and non-abrasive toothpaste. Regular toothpaste and toothbrushes are too harsh for dentures, so ask your dentist for recommendations if needed. Gently brush your gums, tongue, and the inside of your mouth to remove bacteria and stimulate blood flow.

Soak overnight. Dentures aren’t meant to be worn overnight! The dentures can irritate your tissues and promote fungus growth. Before you go to bed, place your dentures in a container of denture solution mixed with water. Never soak in hot water, which can warp the dentures.

Visit your dentist regularly. Don’t miss your twice-yearly dental appointments! The visits are essential for your oral health. It’s also an excellent time to talk to your dentist about any issues with the dentures. If the dentures aren’t fitting correctly, let your dentist know so adjustments or a replacement can be made.

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