Temporary Veneers: What Are They and Why You May Need Them

Temporary Veneers: What Are They and Why You May Need Them
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Temporary veneers aren’t meant to be worn for a long time, but they can benefit your oral health during that period.

Dental veneers cover imperfections such as discolorations, chips, or uneven spacing. Unlike restorative crowns, veneers are considered an aesthetic option to improve the appearance of your teeth. Before you talk to your dentist about permanent veneers, consider exploring temporary veneers and their benefits.

The benefits of temporary veneers

If you’re getting permanent veneers, you’ll receive temporary veneers while you wait for your permanent ones to be ready. They are typically worn for about seven to 10 days. During that time, temporary veneers offer several benefits:

Protection. Veneers are thin coatings of either resin or porcelain cemented to your teeth. To fit the veneers, your dentist will remove a minimal amount of enamel, which means that before the permanent veneers are made, your teeth may be sensitive to hot and cold. Temporary veneers protect your teeth from those extreme temperatures.

Appearance. With temporary veneers, you and your dentist can assess their appearance. Do they match the shape of your other teeth? Do the veneers give you the even smile you’re looking for? Temporary veneers will answer those questions. Most importantly, temporary veneers give your teeth a normal appearance while you wait for the permanent ones.

Functionality. Temporary veneers also allow your dentist to evaluate how the veneers affect your speech and bite. If the temporary veneers are too long or short, they could impair your speaking and chewing ability. Your dentist will consider these assessments before your permanent veneers are created.

Another option is a set of removable or snap-on veneers, which are generally cheaper than permanent and can be removed if needed. However, removable veneers are not for everyone, and you should consult with your dentist before getting this option. If you want removable veneers, you can choose between prefabricated or custom-fit ones. 

Caring for your temporary — and permanent — veneers

Whether temporary or permanent, veneers require special attention. One study found that 53 percent of porcelain veneers were still intact without re-treatment after ten years. To extend their lifespan and maintain their appearance, follow these care tips:

Keep up with your home-care dental routine. Brush your teeth twice a day to clean off bacteria and plaque that cause decay in the tooth under the veneer. When you floss, be careful around the veneer so you don’t pop it out.

Stay away from staining foods and beverages. Red wine, coffee, tea, and dark colas can stain your veneers. Other foods to avoid include blackberries, red sauces, and soy sauce. If you do consume such foods, quickly rinse your mouth.

Avoid hard, chewy foods. Ice, hard candies, apples, and nuts require a lot of chewing and can damage your veneers. Instead, eat softer foods such as pasta, mashed potatoes, bananas, and white rice.

See your dentist regularly. If your veneer breaks off, contact your dentist immediately. But you don’t have to wait for an emergency to see your dentist. Schedule a checkup twice yearly to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and decay-free. 

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