Are Your Fears Realistic?

Author: ngoulds Posted: January 13th, 2019 Category:

If you had a lot of cavities as a child and have had more than your share of dental work done over your adult life chances are that you may have had one or two bad experiences along the way.  An invasive dental procedure can be unnerving, to say the least, but your dental health demands that you continue to get regular professional care.  Find a dentist who will understand your anxiety and who can offer ways of coping with it.

Anxiety is one thing but a dental phobia is another.  Dental phobia is defined as an “extreme” or “irrational” fear of going to the dentist.  Some theories suggest that people who have a phobia realize that their fears are unreasonable but they just can’t shake them.  The feelings of panic and loss of control can be so severe that the person just isn’t able to seek dental care when he needs it let alone schedule preventive checkups and cleanings.

How would you describe your apprehension?  General anxiety may cause you to put off making a dental appointment or canceling one that has already been scheduled.  A phobia, however, can bring on more severe reactions such as losing sleep over a pending dental visit or being physically unable to go in if you actually do get to the office.

Don’t hesitate to discuss your fears with your dentist.  The worst thing you can do is to try to hide your feelings.  Talk to Dr. Braasch at Meadow Hills Dental, call today @ 303-625-9412 in Aurora, CO.