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Are Gum Piercings Safe?

Are Gum Piercings Safe?

Gum piercing can be a fun, unique way to express your identity. But it comes with much risk. Tattoos and body piercings are popular forms of modern self-expression. One body piercing that’s growing in popularity is a gum piercing, also known as a smiley piercing. The piercing is made at the front of the mouth
Can Dental Bonding Fix My Periodontal Disease?

Can Dental Bonding Fix My Periodontal Disease?

Dental bonding is one option for treating your periodontal disease. Here’s what you need to know. Looking for a less expensive alternative to restore chipped, stained, or oddly shaped teeth? Dental bonding could be the answer! In addition to fixing discolored, misshapen, or damaged teeth, dental bonding can treat periodontal disease, too. Periodontal disease causes

Are Your Irritated Gums Self-Induced?

Everything from tobacco usage to sports-related injuries can irritate your gums. However, sometimes gum irritation is self-induced. While your teeth are the hardest substance in your body, your gums are one of your body’s softer tissues. Delicate and moist, gum tissues can be irritated by several things, from sports-related injuries to accidental falls. However, there’s

Everything You Need to Know About Gum Abscess Treatment

Gum abscesses can be painful and even dangerous. Luckily, they are easily treatable, as long as you seek help from your dentist. If you’ve noticed a loose tooth, a receding gum line, increased tooth sensitivity, pus discharge, or a lump, swelling, redness, bleeding, or pain in your gums, you might have a gum abscess. While
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Signs of a Gum Abscess

A gum abscess is a serious condition that can become dangerous without immediate medical attention.  A gum abscess is a painful, potentially dangerous condition that results from an infection. It is often accompanied by swelling, pain, and redness, but not always — an early gum abscess might simply feel like a sensitive tooth. Because gum

7 Telltale Signs of Gum Disease

Could you have gum disease? Here are seven telltale signs to look out for. Periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease, is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissues around your teeth. When plaque builds up on your teeth and hardens into tartar beneath the gum line, the stubborn bacteria that you can’t brush
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Can You Reverse Periodontal Disease?

Is it possible to reverse the effects of periodontitis and save your gums? Here’s what you can do to treat and manage gum disease. It’s never too early to start taking care of your gums, but can it be too late? Periodontitis, commonly known as gum disease, is a serious gum infection that damages the
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Is the Waterpik Better Than Floss?

Water flossing might seem like an appealing alternative to traditional flossing, but it shouldn’t be used as a replacement for traditional dental floss.  In the past decade, water flossers have quickly become a popular component of many people’s dental hygiene routines. Water flossers like Waterpik help to remove dental plaque using pressurized water — all

Is There a Connection Between Gum Disease and Heart Disease?

Studies have established a connection between gum disease and heart disease — though scientists are still trying to determine why.  You may have heard the odd claim that keeping your gums healthy can ward off heart disease. Naturally, this raises questions. Is there really a connection between gum disease and heart disease? How much evidence

Can You Correct a Gummy Smile?

Don’t let a gummy smile get in the way of your self-confidence. Depending on the root cause, there are several corrective options available for a gummy smile.  Not liking your smile can have a serious negative impact on your overall self-confidence. People who are self-conscious about their smiles will often try to cover their mouths