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Sealants for National Children’s Dental Health Month

It’s never too early to set your child on a path to good oral health, especially with February as National Children’s Dental Health Month. To raise awareness about the importance of oral health among our youngsters, February is designated as National Children’s Dental Health Month. The event launched on Feb. 8, 1949 as a day-long

Can My Dentist Treat My Sleep Apnea?

Waking up tired and irritable? It could be due to sleep apnea — and your dentist can help. Restorative sleep is essential for your well-being. Without it, you’ll wake up groggy and irritable. Yet for people with sleep apnea, enjoying forty winks every night is nearly impossible. The American Sleep Apnea Association estimates the disorder

Rotten Teeth? Try These Five Ways To Fix Them!

Tooth decay is a common dental issue. But it’s easily preventable and fixable if you take the right care! Nobody wants rotten teeth! Whether called tooth decay, cavities, or dental caries, rotten teeth cause pain and difficulty eating or drinking. Cavities grow when bacteria breeds in your mouth from sugary or starchy foods. As the
Do I Have Sensitive Gums or Sensitive Teeth?

Do I Have Sensitive Gums or Sensitive Teeth?

You’re experiencing weird sensations in your mouth, but are your teeth at fault, or is it your gums? Learn the differences between gum and tooth sensitivity to identify the best remedy. Our mouths are pretty essential to our daily lives. That’s why it’s so frustrating when we start experiencing sensitivity and pain there. Worse, once

Good Oral Health Can Help Keep COVID-19 Away

Everyone wants to avoid catching COVID-19. Maintaining good oral hygiene is an excellent place to start. Did you know that there’s a connection between COVID-19 and your oral health? Poor oral health has been linked to a host of chronic illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes. It shouldn’t be surprising then that the condition
How Does Gluten Impact My Teeth?

How Does Gluten Impact My Teeth?

Gluten intolerance and celiac disease affect your digestive tract and your mouth as well. Let’s talk about the relationship! Gluten-free foods dominate the grocery store aisles. But what exactly is gluten? And how does it affect teeth? Gluten is a protein found in grains. Cereals, bread, pasta, and beer all contain gluten. When you consume

Why Do I Keep Getting Canker Sores?

Canker Sores are benign, but they can be extremely painful. Here are some ways to relieve the pain as they heal. Canker sores aren’t a serious oral problem. But if you’ve ever experienced the pain and throbbing of a canker sore, you know how difficult they can make eating and speaking, and you’ll want to

Are Your Irritated Gums Self-Induced?

Everything from tobacco usage to sports-related injuries can irritate your gums. However, sometimes gum irritation is self-induced. While your teeth are the hardest substance in your body, your gums are one of your body’s softer tissues. Delicate and moist, gum tissues can be irritated by several things, from sports-related injuries to accidental falls. However, there’s

Everything You Need to Know About Gum Abscess Treatment

Gum abscesses can be painful and even dangerous. Luckily, they are easily treatable, as long as you seek help from your dentist. If you’ve noticed a loose tooth, a receding gum line, increased tooth sensitivity, pus discharge, or a lump, swelling, redness, bleeding, or pain in your gums, you might have a gum abscess. While

Dry Mouth Toothpaste: Does It Actually Work?

If you have dry mouth, you may be wondering if dry mouth toothpaste actually works. The short answer is yes — as long as you pick the right one. Not only is dry mouth uncomfortable, but it can also lead to bad breath, cavities, and tooth decay. Luckily, there are a few things you can do