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What Can I Eat After a Root Canal?

Eating after a root canal can be tricky. But it’s easy once you know the guidelines.  You’re finally done with your root canal, and the excruciating pain from the infected tooth is gone. But now that it’s over, perhaps you’re wondering what’s safe to eat after a root canal. The tooth needs time to completely

Why Did My Root Canal Symptoms Return?

You had a root canal not too long ago. So why does your tooth still hurt? Dentists perform 15 million root canals each year. Every one of those treatments brought relief to patients suffering from the excruciating pain of a severely decayed tooth. But what happens if you’ve undergone a root canal but experience the

What is Pulp Capping?

Never heard of pulp capping? Now you’ll know what it is. Perhaps your dentist has recommended you undergo a pulp capping to treat a decayed tooth, but you’re unfamiliar with that term. Good news — we’re here to help! Pulp capping is a common dental technique that can save your natural tooth from further decay.

Debunking Myths About Root Canal Treatment

No dental procedure is more misunderstood than a root canal. But you have nothing to fear once you know the facts. The mere mention of a root canal usually instills panic in most people who mistakenly believe the procedure is painful and lengthy. But according to the American Association of Endodontists (AAE), some 25 million

Rotten Teeth? Try These Five Ways To Fix Them!

Tooth decay is a common dental issue. But it’s easily preventable and fixable if you take the right care! Nobody wants rotten teeth! Whether called tooth decay, cavities, or dental caries, rotten teeth cause pain and difficulty eating or drinking. Cavities grow when bacteria breeds in your mouth from sugary or starchy foods. As the

What’s the Purpose of a Root Canal?

A root canal procedure eliminates painful infection and tooth decay for lasting dental health.  Whenever we recommend a root canal procedure, patients often ask questions like: Is it painful? Won’t it take a long time to recover? Will I need to be put to sleep?  Fortunately, the answers to these three questions are: no, no,

How to Identify and Treat a Cracked Tooth

What are the symptoms of a cracked tooth? How do you treat it? Here’s everything you need to know. The coronavirus pandemic has changed every aspect of daily life, including our oral health. Many Americans are baking to pass the time — others may forget to floss because, understandably, it’s the last thing on their