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Can Veneers be Whitened?

Your veneers will stay pearly white for a long time — if you maintain them properly. Veneers are an inexpensive way to fill in gaps between teeth, correct misshapen teeth, or fix a chipped tooth. But did you know that the most popular reason for getting veneers is a whiter smile? A popular alternative to

Are Veneers Bad For My Teeth?

Veneers are a common solution to minor dental problems and imperfections, but there’s a common misconception that veneers are unsafe for your teeth.  Even though veneers are a popular treatment for minor dental issues, people naturally have some concerns before wanting to commit. At Espire, one of the most common questions we get is: are

What’s the Difference Between Veneers and Crowns?

Veneers and crowns are both popular solutions for a variety of dental problems. But which one is right for you? You’ve finally decided to fix a chipped tooth that’s been bothering you for months. Great! Now the question is: Should you get veneers or a dental crown? Both are restorative dental procedures that brighten your

Six Benefits of Veneers to Get Those Pearly Straight Teeth

Looking for a quick, affordable solution for broken or stained teeth? Talk to an Espire Dentist about veneers. We all want perfectly white, straight teeth, but achieving that goal can sometimes involve an expensive, time-consuming dental procedure such as braces or crowns. Good news! Veneers are your cost-effective solution for a wide range of cosmetic

Choosing the Right Teeth Fillers For You

If you have a diastema, or a space between your teeth, several options are available to minimize or eliminate the gap. Diastemas, or spaces between teeth, are most noticeable between the upper front teeth, though they may form anywhere in the mouth. If your teeth are too small for your jawbone, your teeth may be

Help! I Have Braces Stains!

If you’ve just gotten your braces off and noticed white spots or dark stains, you’re not alone. Caused by plaque buildup or decay, these stains can be an unfortunate side effect of braces and improper dental hygiene. When you get your braces off, you’re probably expecting your teeth to be straight and nearly perfect. Unfortunately,

Do Celebrity-Endorsed Teeth Whitening Products Work?

Celebrities and influencers often promote teeth whitening products on their social media platforms, but are they actually effective? It makes sense why cosmetics companies head to Instagram to advertise their latest teeth whitening products. After all, the perfect selfie isn’t complete without pearly-white teeth.  Though seemingly every Instagram influencer is showing off some at-home teeth