Do I Need Denture Adhesive?

Do I Need Denture Adhesive?
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Do you want a more secure fit with your dentures? Try a denture adhesive.

Getting your full or partial dentures is a significant step in improving your dental health. You can speak and chew with confidence with a new set of teeth!

Ideally, your new dentures should fit securely without a denture adhesive. Yet, many denture wearers find the adhesives helpful in keeping their removable dentures in place. So, is a denture adhesive right for you?

What are denture adhesives?

Full or partial dentures offer a solution to replace missing teeth. Unlike dental bridges, you can take the appliances out of your mouth. To get a more secure connection between your dentures and gums, you can apply a denture adhesive to your gums or dentures.

Denture adhesives come in a variety of types, from pastes and powders to wafers and strips. So which denture adhesive do you use? Although the products are made of water-soluble, non-toxic materials, you should review the list of ingredients carefully. Adhesives containing zinc could lead to medical problems due to too much zinc in the blood. Pastes are the most popular, but you can try all forms to find the one most comfortable and convenient for you. 

Follow the instructions on the packaging for the best fit. Your dentist can also help you decide which one is a good choice for you. Always apply the adhesive on clean dentures. After application, hold the dentures in place for a few seconds to cement the seal. Be careful not to apply too much. If the paste spills out from the dentures, you’re probably using more than needed.

Activated by water and saliva, adhesives work by sealing your gums to the dentures. Your saliva can also bond your dentures to your gums. But adhesives create an even stronger hold than saliva alone, and some denture wearers may prefer that extra stability. In addition to a secure fit, denture adhesives also prevent food particles from attaching or irritating your gums.

Adhesives cannot compensate for ill-fitting dentures. If you find your dentures are uncomfortable and feel loose even with the adhesive, visit your dentist for an adjustment. Your gums change over time, so you may need a new set of dentures.

Denture adhesives aren’t for everyone. People with poor oral health or who have open sores in their mouths should not use adhesives. Some denture wearers may have an allergic reaction to the substances in the adhesive. Experimenting with various adhesives types will let you know if you’re allergic to any one product.

Why dental adhesives could be suitable for you

Many people can benefit from using denture adhesives for different reasons. Here are two:

Increase Your Confidence. Worried about your dentures loosening when you speak or eat? With a more secure bond with adhesive, your dentures will stay in place. People who work in professions where they speak a lot, such as teachers, may want the extra strength of an adhesive on their dentures for added confidence.

Alleviate Dry Mouth. An adhesive can combat dry mouth. Denture adhesives may be a bonus for people who suffer from dry mouth or take medications that cause dry mouth.

Using an adhesive goes hand-in-hand with taking proper care of your dentures. The product won’t work if you slack off on your oral health. You also want to maintain your dentures in good condition for as long as you can. Therefore, remember to:

  • Brush your gums gently to remove any plaque before putting in your dentures. Brushing also boosts healthy circulation in the gums.
  • Rinse regularly with water to get rid of any food bits.
  • Clean your dentures nightly. Use a soft-bristled brush and non-abrasive toothpaste. 
  • Store your dentures in a container filled with water when not in your mouth.
  • Avoid using whitening products on your dentures. They could weaken your dentures.

Restore your smile

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