Don’t Toss the Floss! 10 Ways You Can Use Floss That Don’t Involve Teeth

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You don’t have to be MacGyver to transform unused dental floss into useful home and outdoor tools.

Ah, dental floss. You have it in your medicine cabinet, and you floss everyday (at least, we hope!). Between floss given to you at the dentist office and the boxes you pick up at the grocery store, you probably have a whole stockpile of it! 

You may be tempted to toss unused floss, but don’t! Floss actually has uses beyond cleaning between your teeth (although that is its most important function). And you don’t have to be MacGyver to transform floss into ingenious, unexpected, and useful gadgets.

The Top 10 Uses for Floss Beyond Your Teeth

Dental floss is incredibly strong, which makes it perfect for a host of tasks in and out of your home. Here are just ten of the best ways to put floss to use in your everyday life.

Picture Hanger. Have a new picture you want to hang on the wall but don’t have hanging wire? Use floss instead. It’s strong enough to hold any frame, and because it’s not made of steel, it won’t scratch the wall.

Makeshift Shoelaces. Is there anything more annoying than breaking a shoelace and not having a spare handy? No problem! Grab several pieces of floss, tie up the ends, and seal with clear tape. Weave the floss through the holes, and you can go about your day with a secured shoe.

Sewing Thread. Lose a button but no thread handy? Reach for floss to stitch the button in place. Floss is also sturdy enough to repair heavy fabrics, like a torn knapsack and laundry bag.

Kitchen Twine. Need to tie up that roast before cooking or grilling, but no kitchen twine in the house? Unwaxed floss works just as well.

Cake Cutter. Don’t want to ruin your beautiful cake with a jagged knife when you cut it? Gently slice the cake (or bread) with floss for smooth, even pieces.

Ponytail Holder. Need to tie your hair back, but have run out of hair ties? Wrap floss around your ponytail for a secure hold.

Garden Tool. Are your tomato or green bean plants falling over? Keep them straight and growing right by using floss to tie the vines to stakes in your garden.

Fire Starter. Want to heat up your fireplace or campfire but have no dry kindling on hand? Start your fire with waxed floss to keep warm.

Cleaner. Need to clean small, in-between spaces, but can’t do it with a bulky paper towel? Just as it gets between teeth, a thin string of floss cleans tight crevices on computer keyboards, stovetops, counters, and more. Your imagination is the limit!

Go Fishing. Going on a fishing trip? You don’t need to buy a pricey fishing pole. Cobble together an inexpensive fishing pole with floss, a stick, hook, and bait. 

Converting dental floss into practical tools for home and outdoor use is a great way to repurpose the product. But its primary job is to keep your teeth clear of bacteria and plaque, so don’t forget to floss at least once a day. And if you’re worried about waste and the environment, opt for environmentally friendly floss made from biodegradable materials like silk, natural beeswax, or plant wax.

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