We are extremely pleased to tell you that Levin Family Dental is becoming Espire Dental

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Over the years, patients like you have been the ones to help us discover our own brand of excellence, which led to new doctors, team members and innovative services – designed to provide the most exemplary experience and raise the bar on what you expect from any dental visit. We live happy…and that has created something uniquely great.

And now, we’re at a point where that new brand of greatness merits a new name to match.

We wanted you to be the first to know because this is your achievement too. You’ve inspired our work, our practice and each one of us with the friendship and service we’ve been able to share. You’ve embraced our new doctors as they’ve joined, and this change is also meant to be more inclusive of their cherished roles here.

Our new name represents where we are going and what we want to become in the future. Yet it embodies that special feeling all of us have always experienced together. The team you know, doing what we love, first and foremost, for you. Espire Dental is dedicated to you.

Here’s a short video that encapsulates the Espire brand:

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