Should You Use Apps to Manage Your Dental Health?

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Smartphone users now have access to a variety of apps that can help you keep up with your dental hygiene routine and stay engaged with your dental health.

Mobile healthcare is on the rise. Every week, companies are producing new smartphone apps that help you manage your dental health at home. Mobile health apps (also known as mHealth) offer a variety of useful services that help you stay connected.

Dental health apps can be an effective way to stay connected with a daily dental routine, and to stay in touch with your dentist online. For patients interested in what dental apps, we have compiled a list of the most popular apps and what they can do for you: 

  • Text2Floss

If you’re like many patients, you might chronically forget to floss your teeth, or maybe you don’t have a regular flossing routine at all.  Text2Floss is a simple app for a much-needed dental service. The concept is straightforward: Text2Floss lets you set up text alerts once a day to remind you to floss.

Text2Floss requires just your cell phone number and some basic info about your dental health routine to get your floss reminders started. Each time you floss, you’ll respond to your text that you did it. After a consecutive flossing streak, you can earn rewards points for dental hygiene products. 

  • My Smile

Ever wondered whether your teeth whitening product is actually making a difference? My Smile keeps track of your whitening progress. All you have to do is take regular photos of your teeth in the same lighting, and My Smile will help you see how your teeth have whitened over time. My Smile can be especially helpful if you’re trying out different whitening products to see what works best. 

  • Colgate Tooth Fairy

It’s no secret that it can be hard to get kids to brush their teeth twice a day, especially for a long enough period of time to actually kill bacteria. Colgate now offers a fun and engaging approach to your kids’ dental hygiene routine. Colgate Tooth Fairy includes teeth brushing games, kid-friendly dental health tips, and fun photo filters for a winning smile. 

  • Sorriso

Sorriso is a braces maintenance app that helps you stay engaged with orthodontic care. Sorriso lets you keep track of your orthodontic care routine, set reminders for your appointments at the orthodontist, and count down the days until your braces are removed. Sorriso also includes a time lapse feature that lets you view the progress your teeth have made. 

  • MyDentist

MyDentist aims to digitally connect patients with their dentists. As long as your dentist also has the MyDentist app, you can text your dentist with any concerns, send photos for quick questions, and even schedule appointments over the app. MyDentist is especially useful for emergencies, since it allows you to get in touch with your dentist quickly. 

Should I get an app? 

If there’s a dental app that could help your dental routine, it’s certainly worth considering. Fental health apps can offer convenient ways to make sure your teeth are happy and healthy. 

Of course, dental apps aren’t everything. Good dental habits and outcomes still depend on regular visits to the dentist, and making a concerted effort to stick to your dentist’s recommendations. 

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