Toothaches and Sinus Infections

Author: mcymer Posted: May 8th, 2019 Category:

Tis the season when colds are abundant and are the gift that keeps on giving.

Most of winter in Colorado, someone you know probably has a cold, you either had it or are going to get it. Many times in our office during cold season and even allergy season, we have patients coming in with tooth pain and there is nothing wrong with any of their teeth.

But how can you tell the difference between a tooth problem and sinus infections?  Usually sinus infections are difficult to pinpoint exactly which tooth is having a problem.  As multiple teeth on top have roots that poke up into the sinus, the discomfort us usually felt in a more generalized form.  A toothache can often be isolated to one area.  Usually a sinus issue clears up within a few days and the tooth follows suit, but if it doesn’t it is probably worth a trip to the dentist.

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