What are Flipper Dentures?

What are Flipper Dentures?
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Are you missing a front tooth or some teeth? Your dentist can save the day by filling the gap with temporary flipper dentures!

Losing any tooth to injury or decay can be an unsettling, painful experience. But seeing a missing gap in your front teeth can be particularly traumatic. You may become self-conscious about your appearance and hesitate to speak in social situations.

But replacing lost teeth with a permanent solution can take a long time. So what do you do to fill in those missing teeth in the meantime? Your best solution is a set of flipper dentures, a temporary fix to complete your smile as you wait for a permanent restoration.

What are flipper dentures?

Flipper dentures are removable retainers made of gum-colored acrylic that fit along the roof or lower portion of the mouth. Clasps attach the dentures to nearby teeth. They get their name because they easily “flip” out of the mouth (although it’s not recommended you do so!). The artificial teeth attached to the flipper dentures are crafted from acrylic dental-grade resin for a natural look.

To fit you for the flipper dentures, your dentist will make a mold of your mouth, which is sent to a laboratory for construction. You can have the impression made before tooth extraction, so when the tooth is extracted, you can immediately put in the flipper dentures to fill the gap.

Flipper dentures give your gums time to heal after extraction or injury before a permanent solution, such as dental implants or partial bridges, is ready. The dentures keep the healthy teeth around the missing tooth from shifting out of position.

The devices are ideally suited for young children who may not be able to get implants until age 18 or older. However, in rare cases, flipper dentures may be a permanent fix if someone is not a candidate for implants or partial dentures.

At first, the flipper dentures will feel a bit uncomfortable. If you’re experiencing severe pain, ask your dentist to adjust the fit. 

Taking care of your flipper dentures

Just because flipper dentures are temporary doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take good care of them. You’ll want to maintain them in good condition not only for their appearance but also for the health of your mouth, too. Here are some pointers:

Clean the dentures daily. Without daily cleaning, plaque, bacteria, and food particles can stick to the dentures and damage your gums and nearby healthy teeth. Cleanse your dentures daily with warm water and a mild soap or dishwashing liquid. Toothpaste is too abrasive for dentures. Brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush, and rinse thoroughly before putting the dentures back in your mouth to ensure all soap is washed away.

Wear them eight hours a day. To get used to the feel of the dentures, you should wear them for at least 24 hours immediately after you get fitted. After that first day, you can keep them in for eight hours. Never sleep with the flipper dentures in. Doing so could lead to dry mouth, gum disease, or an infection. It could also damage the dentures.

Keep the dentures moist. If the dentures dry out, they will easily break. When not wearing the dentures, place them in a case filled with a cleansing soak made for dentures. Avoid using hot water with dentures, as that can bend the dentures out of shape. 

Avoid dark-colored foods and drinks. Even though they’re temporary, you’ll want to keep your flipper dentures pearly white. Dark-colored foods such as coffee, tea, cranberry juice, and beets can stain the teeth, marring their appearance.

Missing teeth? We can fill the gap

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